Frozen 2: Wint.. I mean The Huntsman: Winter’s War stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Rush), Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road, Monster), Jessica Chastain (The Martian, Zero Dark Thirty), Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario) and is directed by the visual effect supervise of Snow White and the Huntsman, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.

The Evil Queen’s sister Elsa, I mean Freya (Blunt) decides after a tragic event, to capture children and turn them into warriors for her army. Two of those children happen to be Eric (Hemsworth) and Sara (Chastain), who want no part in her evil plans.

So I hated the first one and had little to no expectations for the sequel/prequel but actually found myself enjoying this film. I don’t think I would say it’s good and I’ll probably never watch it again but I had fun whilst watching. There are some big flaws in the film but eventually I got slightly wrapped up in the story and solid action throughout kept me entertained.

The two leads Hemsworth and Chastain worked great together. They had good chemistry and when they were on screen, I was invested in the story. The dialogue they were given wasn’t always great but they’re talented enough to make it work. I enjoyed their romantic banter and believed them as a couple. I also believed them as badass warriors and both of them can sell the action scenes really well. I’d definitely be interested to see them work together again in the future.


I also really liked the Dwarf characters. In the recent live-action fairy tale films, I’ve hated the side characters serving as comedic relief but here I thought they worked and offed a few good laughs. They also have a romantic storyline that I thought was cute and added more humor to their characters. Nick Frost plays one of the Dwarfs, I’m a big fan of his and he didn’t disappoint. His friend is played by Rob Brydon, who was also funny in his role.

What I probably liked the most in this film was the action. There were several fight scenes that were shot well and had some really cool moments. One scene in particular in a bar, had no score behind it so all you could hear were the noises of the fight. It made it feel very real and you could feel every shot thrown, it reminded me of the first fight between Batman and Bane, in the Dark Knight Rises (but not that good). The effects were good throughout, except one part with some Goblins that looked horrible.

Next weeks Top Ten Tuesday is current actresses and spoiler, Emily Blunt is on the list but in no way because of her performance in this. For the first time she was bad in a film. Her playing a mopey, emotionless villain is terrible casting and I still think shes capable of playing a villain in a film like this but Emily Blunt is a badass, not a lame Elsa. Charlize Theron isn’t good in her role either and her character being alive makes no sense.

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This being Troyan’s first go at directing, I think it was an OK first job. His visual effects background obviously helped the action sequences and the overall world looked very interesting. His storytelling was lacking in some areas, like explaining how the Evil Queen is still alive but you could put that down to the script. But other story elements did get lost and it got a bit confusing at times. Liam Neeson narrates the film, purely because Troyan had no creative way of telling us the information Neeson gives. I think Troyan has potential as a director but he started with a big film, with a lot of moving parts to juggle. We keep seeing this with visual effects guys and cinematographers, who start their directing careers with a big film instead of one on a smaller scale, where they can learn the craft of directing easier.

I liked The Huntsman: Winter’s War. It started off slow (when it focused to much on Elsa) but then Hemsworth and Chastain pulled me through to a fun conclusion. With this film currently sitting at a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, I’m obviously in the minority so I can’t recommend it but if you’re actually excited to see this film, I think you’ll like it.


Have you seen The Huntsman and what did you think of it?

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