Zootopia stars the voice talent of, Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time, Walk the Line), Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses, Juno), Idris Elba (Prometheus, Pacific Rim), Jenny Slate (Obvious Child, The Lorax) and many more.

Zootopia is a world were predators and prey live together in harmony but like the real world, there’s still criminals that need to be stopped. Judy Hopps wants to stop those criminals and be the first rabbit on the police force. She finally makes it on the force but is given parking ticket duty, until she is wrapped up in a huge conspiracy that could change the lives of everyone in Zootopia.

This is a really pleasant film. There was a rough patch not to long a go, when the new Disney films were pretty horrible but with Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph and some other, Disney has been back on form and Zootopia is another great to add to the list. It didn’t quite have that magic that some of the more recent animated films have had but it’s a really fun time and a lot more adult, than you may think.

Our two main characters Hopps (Goodwin) and Nick (Bateman) are fantastic. Hopps is a very sympathetic character, that is so much fun to watch on this adventure and Bateman plays the sly, sarcastic fox, perfectly. The casting of Nick was genius and completely spot on, if Jason Bateman was an animal he would be this fox. Hopps and Nick have nice chemistry and I hope we see them again in a sequel. I have to give a shout-out to Idris Elba who is having an incredible year of voice acting, with this and Jungle Book. He was great as the police chief and as we know from Shere Khan, he can be very intimidating but in Zootopia his character had some humor to him too. All the characters were memorable and very distinct.


I love animated films but a lot of them come out each year and only a few appeal to both adults and children. Well Zootopia is for both children and their parents because it blends real word problems and issues into what seems to be a harmless kids film. This film deals with prejudice, racism and even drugs, all hidden in fluffy animals. As good as some of the classic princess Disney films are, they don’t always give out the greatest message to children but Zootopia should be watch by every kid because it will teach them important lessons without being to on the nose or too preachy. With this being a very real story, adults will find it very relatable and could probably teach some of them, some need lessons too.The story of Zootopia is smart and should be viewed by everyone.

Like the story, the humor in this film is hilarious for everyone. I mentioned Nick earlier, who was my favorite character and some of snarky remarks are brilliant. You’ve seen pretty much the whole Sloth scene in the trailer but it was still tear inducing funny, when watching the whole film. There’s so many characters who have their own jokes that they call back to several times and they’re all really good. Zootopia has an incredible world and it makes for some really clever jokes when they compare Zootopia to our world. I spotted many but I feel I missed countless amount of easter eggs and little nods in the background of the whole film.


It’s Disney so you know the animation is good but Zootopia’s animation was amazing. The world is magnificent, everything moves fast, it looks smooth but what blew me away was the character designs and their facial expressions. Nick’s sly smile, Hopps’ wide adventurous eyes and that sloths smile, is all so expressive and tells a lot about who that character is. Just by looking at the poster, you get a good idea about everyone and who they’re going to be. I love the classic 2D animation but Zootopia is a perfect example of why 3D is awesome too.

I had a couple of issues with the film. The story’s themes were smart and important but the twists and development of some of the characters, I had seen many times before. I loved the relationship between Hopps and Nick but somewhere in the middle of their story, it went in a generic path that felt very uninspired, for a film that’s full of creativity. During that element of their story, Hopps has a ‘eureka’ moment that was unbelievable and very cliche. I also didn’t like the ending and the ultimate reveal. It felt very anticlimactic and when the film started to wrap up, I didn’t feel completely satisfied.

Overall, Zootopia was a really fun time but also makes you think. The characters pop out of the screen, it’s hilarious and the animation is beautiful. If you like animation and Disney, you have to see this film!


Have you seen Zootopia and what did you think of it?

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