That was a crazy last 10 minutes!

So I guess I have to start with the Bran storyline. I had some mixed feelings towards this aspect of last nights episode. When Bran shouted out to a young Ned a couple of weeks ago, I said I was very worried Game of Thrones would delve to far into time travel and all the plot holes that come with it. Well they did this week and it annoyed me. The final scene was extremely powerful but for me, I was pulled out of the moment thinking about how all this didn’t add up. Why would the Three-Eyed Raven take Bran to a young Hodor, when they could have all escape before the White Walkers got there. If Bran had only just made Hodor have the seizure why has he been like that the whole time. I know I’m thinking about it too much but when it comes to time travel and changing the past, it never fully works.


I loved seeing the White Walkers again but I’m starting to think they’re being portrayed as too weak. They’ve been built as an unstoppable force but every time we see them they’re being killed. With three Valyrian swords (from what I remember), throw in a little Dragonglass and oh yeah, three Dragons these White Walkers are going to be easy to beat. I’m not a book reader so maybe there’s a lot more to them we haven’t seen but from what we’ve got from the TV show, the White Walker don’t seem to be much of a threat. I also thought the origin was a little rushed and not very detailed but that’s something they can explain more in the future.

After seeing her in X-Men: Apocalypse and now Sansa stepping up her game, I’m starting to become a big fan of Sophie Turner. Her interaction with Baelish with fantastic this week. She went at Baelish and you could see he had no answer. This also makes me think he has real feelings for Sansa because I thought he was genuinely guilty and had lost his usual confidence. It is Baelish we’re talking about so at the end of the day who really knows. The little moments between Brienne and Tormund the last two weeks have been hilarious, Briemund has to happen!


The politics with the Greyjoy’s I found fascinating this week. Euron seems to be another character, that I’m really going to enjoy watching screw things up for a lot of people. He made some solid point about Daenerys needed ships and if this is going to turn into a race between him and Yara & Theon getting to Danny, I’m on board (no pun intended).

The Hodor scene didn’t work for me like it did for most people but Daenerys and Jorah’s moment really did. For the past 6 seasons we’ve seen Jorah give his entire existence to Daenerys and to see him finally tell her how he feels, was a weight lifted of everyone’s chests. He may not have received that love back but he was accepted again and for me it was a touching scene. At the start of this season I thought he was going to die in some dramatic way just as he has the moment we just saw, with Daenerys. Now I’m thinking he’ll probably find a cure and join forces with Danny when she goes to Westeros.

More Red Priestess made an appearance tonight and shut Varys down! I don’t think we’ve ever seen Varys loose a verbal dispute like that before and Kinvara was very knowledgeable on his past. For a while I though Melisandre was full of crap but she’s proven on several occasions now she’s not just all talk, so adding even more power to the Daenerys army adds to my earlier point that the White Walker won’t stand a chance of taking Westeros.

I do seem to be one of the few people who has enjoyed Arya’s story over the past season and a half but I don’t think it’s going the way I thought it would. It’s very clear she is still Arya and not no one and if Jaqen H’ghar can’t see that he’s a moron. I was hoping we would see her more convincingly become no one and eventually turn on H’ghar with all her new skills or actually become no one. It feels like no progress has been made since the first time she stepped foot in the House of Black and White, right now she is the only character in the show who is stagnant.

For me this was the weakest of the five episodes we’ve got so far this year but still very far from bad. I really don’t like the idea of time travel in Game of Thrones, it doesn’t fit the world and feels like something from another show. But for the most part I enjoyed everything else this week and I’m as always looking forward to the next episode!

What did you think of last nights Game of Thrones?

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