A few weeks back I did a top ten current actors and this week I decided to count down my favorite current actresses. Like the actors list, I’m only counting down actresses who actively star in films on a regular basis. So Audrey Hepburn (as great as she is) won’t be making an appearance on the list.


Amy Adams 461696933

Amy Adams has really come into her own the last few years, working with directors like David O. Russell, Paul Thomas Anderson and Spike Jonze. She’s put in some amazing performances and even got into a big franchise with Man of Steel.


Julianne Moore julianne-moore_640x480_41421488287

When making this list I was surprised how low down I have Julianne Moore but there’s just 8 actresses I like more. I love watching a film and Moore comes on screen because you know she’s going to out shine everyone else and give a performance that will stick with you.


Emily Blunt Emily Blunt

The last couple of years, Emily Blunt has been showing us she is the new badass female, like a Sigourney Weaver or Linda Hamilton. She is tremendous at playing those roles but if you look back at her earlier parts, she’s played various characters in The Young Victoria, My Summer of Love and The Devil Wears Prada and is a really talented actress. 


Emma Stoneemma-stone-16

I first saw Emma Stone in comedies like Superbad, Zombieland and Easy A. She showed a lot of comedic promise but since then her roles in The Help and Birdman have shown she’s an incredible talent. I think she was the best part in the second Sony Spider-Man series and has many more Oscar nominations coming her way.  


Brie Larson _87330366_room-brie-ap.jpg

Last year Room was my favorite film and Brie Larson blew me away. She only has a small body of work right now but in five years time, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s number 1 on this list. Her powerful performances in Room and Short Term 12 both affected me emotionally more than any other actress in years. She deserved her Oscar last year and I’m hoping she gets the Captain Marvel role and joins the MCU.


Jennifer Lawrence jennifer-lawrence

There’s been a lot of Jennifer Lawrence backlash recently and I’ve never understood it, I think she’s fantastic. Except for her most recent X-Men performance, she’s never disappointed me in anything shes done. Should she have been nominated for Joy last year? Probably not but I still thought she was great in the film and has been great since Winter’s Bone. I’ll never be jumping on the J-Law hate train and I’m always excited to see what she’s doing next.


Meryl Streep Article Lead - wide999199738giwdtdimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.giwbga.png1439680144796.jpg-620x349

Streep had to be on this list somewhere! Everytime she’s in a film you have to see it, just to see her ridiculous talent. She gets nominated for everything almost every year but you can’t take away from how good she is. There is only maybe one other actress who has the same amount of power and presence on screen. When Meryl Streep makes a film you have to stop and watch.  


Marion Cotillard 26

Marion Cotillard is another actress who gets nominated a lot but again she deserves it. She brings a sense of realism to every role and brings gravitas to every film she’s in. Whether it’s a big blockbuster like inception or a french indie film like, Two Days, One Night Cotillard always brings her A game and never phones it in.


Alicia Vikanderalicia-vikander-mary-katrantzou-at-2016-critics-choice-awards-3

Last year Vikander burst onto the scene with performances that stole every film she was in and blew away audiences. She won an Oscar for a film a lot of people thought was the weaker of her two performances. She became a star, that has real acting chops and can carry a film alone. She’s now signed on for the Lara Croft reboot and is going to become an even bigger name and someone who will be consider one of the greats in the future.


Cate Blanchett timthumb

I said earlier there was one actress who had the same presence as Meryl Streep and it’s Cate Blanchett. When Cate Blanchett comes on screen everything else stops and your full attention is on her. She’s done everything from small indies, to big blockbusters, to Oscar bait films. She’s an actress that keeps jumping around from studio, to indie films and showing all aspects of her acting range. Blue Jasmine is one of the most incredible performances you will ever see and Blanchett is already one of the top 5 actress of all time.


Honorable Mentions 

Rachel McAdams

Charlize Theron

Scarlett Johansson

Anne Hathaway

Saoirse Ronan  

Emma Watson


Next Week – Top Ten Clint Eastwood Films

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