So I know practically nothing about the Preacher comics but the show looked good, I heard really positive things about it and AMC have produced some awesome shows over the last few years. Since this is the pilot episode, I won’t go into spoilers because if you haven’t seen this pilot you really should.

If you’re like me and know nothing about the source material or what this show is about, I’m probably not the best person to tell you. They don’t reveal who everyone is or what they are doing straight away and for people not familiar with the story, it leaves you in the dark (in a good way). Basically, Jesse Custer played by the ever so charismatic Dominic Cooper, returns to his hometown in Texas and struggles with being a preacher.Also, there’s a supernatural presence that seems to be targeting other preachers and what I think is an Irish vampire… maybe? I’m not sure how it’s all going to tie together but that’s partially why I’m intrigued to keep watching.

It took me about 20 minutes to get into this episode because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I was expecting something like The Walking Dead but with a supernatural element instead of zombies. Preacher does have a horror aspect to it but has a completely different tone. This isn’t a serious take on demons and ghosts but rather a balls to the wall, crazy, action packed dark comedy. Once I understood what this show was, I really started to have a lot of fun with it.

Dominic Cooper is awesome as the preacher and has finally found a role he can sink his teeth into. At first glance he seems to be very grouchy and quiet but when he turns it up, his charisma comes through and it’s a joy to watch. It’s still very early days and I can’t wait to see where this character goes and where it takes8 Dominic Cooper.


The majority of this first episode takes place in one town in Texas and it’s filled with colorful characters. This town where I assume most of the show is going to take place, was setup up so well with these characters and made me want to find out more about them. There’s an interesting story with a family Jesse try’s to help, a woman called Emily who I’m not sure if they did say it but they hint that Jesse had a relationship with, a badass called Tulip and my favorite was a Ned Flanders like guy called Ted. A lot of people were introduced and I liked all of them enough, to really make me want to come back next week. There’s one reveal of a teenage boy I won’t spoil because it’s really shocking.

The final character I need to discuss is Cassidy, who I believe is a vampire. This guy is brilliant and delivered some of the hilarious comedy. He’s a complete nutcase and just walks in and out of places, causing chaos, there’s an incredible scene involving him and a cow that well, left me speechless. Joseph Gilgun plays him and as well as reminding me of Vaas from Far Cry 3, was excellent in the role and I can’t wait to see where he goes next.

What probably stood out the most in this pilot was the action and fight choreography. It didn’t quiet reach Daredevil level but was very fun and extremely violent. They had everything from a brawl in a bar, a backseat battle and an airplane massacre. If you’re easily turned off by violence this isn’t a show for you but for everyone else these fights are enthralling.


Like I said earlier, this isn’t like previous AMC shows and what really set it apart from other supernatural shows was it’s dark humor. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen directed this episode and you can tell through the humor. It’s not a straight up comedy and definitely takes it self seriously but with the combination of the violence, action, comedy and interesting characters, this show has potential to be something really spectacular.

Preacher is a show that I’m going to start reviewing every week (but not 5 days late) and I’m really excited to keep watching. Have you seen Preacher and what are your thoughts on the pilot?

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