This week was a packed episode with a lot of things happening. We saw returns, alliances, power plays and an even bigger Drogon. I had some issues with the last episode, especially towards the end but this one got me back on board immediately. This season has been moving at a furious pace and hasn’t slowed down once as we move closer to the end of the entire show. This week some elements became clearer and you can being to see how different people are going to come together towards the end of this season.

We started this week right where we left off, with Bran and Meera running through the woods and saved by BENJEN STARK! I always thought he would come back but as a non-book reader I had no theories as to how or who he could be. I’m happy he’s not a full White Walker because now he can help Bran and join the Stark’s as they all come together. From what I’ve read online after this episode, the direction they’re taking Benjen is fascinating and I can’t wait to see how much of a connection he has to the White Walkers and how much he knows about them.


Probably the coolest scene this week was seeing everything Bran was seeing. I’d have to go back a watch it again but I think everything he saw, were previous scenes from the show other than The Mad King. We’ve heard so much about him over the past 5 and half seasons, now we finally have a visual and I don’t think it’s the last we’ve seen of him. It could have just been fan service but I think Bran is going to watch the rest of that scene play out at some point, I just hope he doesn’t start messing with the timeline or being the cause of anything from the past.

Another pretty big portion of this episode was Sam and Gilly. I really enjoy watching these two but I know one of them is probably going to die and I’m really not going to enjoy that. They have great chemistry and seeing Gilly stick up for Sam was powerful and Gilly showed she won’t be intimidated or let Sam be bullied by anyone. Another Valyrian sword appeared, this time Sam stepped up and took it for himself, we know that’s going to come to play in a big way in the future.

So Walder Frey is back… and he’s just a prick. I was unsure if we would ever see him again but I’m happy that we’re going to get a conclusion to the character and hopefully Jon Snow chops his head clean off and feeds it to Ghost. Edmure Tully is also still around and he gives Walder some leverage in this civil war taking place in the North. With Walder, Edmure and Benjen Game of Thrones proves that it doesn’t forget about characters and everyone will get a conclusion.

No King’s Landing last week but this week it was busy. Firstly, I’m not buying for a second that Margaery has converted to the High Sparrows. She’s playing them and Tommen to get what she wants. We saw her a couple of episodes ago trying to keep her brother strong, who was giving up when she clearly hadn’t. I doubt Tommen is in on the her plan but he could be and if everything goes right, maybe this will get her back in Cersei’s good book.

I really thought we we’re going to see a battle at King’s Landing but I’m starting to think we never will. At first I was extremely frustrated when Tommen revealed his alliance with the Sparrows but when I started to think about it and with the hints this could happen over the last few weeks, it made sense. Jamie on his horse, riding up the stairs was one of the coolest visuals this show has ever produced and it made it all the harder to watch when Tommen revealed himself. Jamie now going to Riverrun adds another dynamic to that situation and the possible reunion of him and Brienne. Also the possibility for humor if Tormund gets jealous, is high!


Across the Narrow Sea Daenerys is just being a badass. She gives so many of theses speeches but they’re so awesome and this time she’s riding a huge dragon. I love that every time we see Drogon he keeps getting bigger (I guess dragons age a lot faster than Wildlings because little Sam is still very little) and I’m wondering if he will ever stop growing. I’m trying not to get too excited but I feel like we’re getting real close to Daenerys going over to Westeros and I don’t know how my brain is going to comprehend that when it finally happens.

Again I wasn’t completely sold on the Arya story this week. I was one of the rare people who liked what they did with her in season 5 but I worry it was all pointless if she turns her back on them now. We know she’s not going to die, so she’s going to defeat Waif but where does she go after that. I’m wondering if Jaqen is sending Waif to Arya as another test and if Arya wins, she can take Waif’s place. I don’t know how all that would add up and it wouldn’t make complete sense, so it probably won’t happen but one things for sure with Arya, I’m always intrigued.

I really like this episode. It was jam-packed and moved at a pace that made the episode fly by. This season has been progressing the story along so well and I think Benioff and Weiss are doing a great job without the guidance of the books.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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