The Flash gets new director, Rick Famuyiwa Rick-Famuyiwa-2

Deadline is reporting that the new director for
DC’s The Flash film is last years Dope director, Rick Famuyiwa. I love this news because not only was Dope a great film but also the previous director they had wasn’t a proven director and his writing sucks. Dope was so creative and Famuyiwa handled the younger characters really well. Ezra Miller is the youngest actor cast in a DC film and I think Famuyiwa will be able to tell this story in a fun, exciting way, whilst still bringing a level of maturity and realism to fit the DC universe.


Brie Larson in talks to play 1-brie-larsonCaptain Marvel 

Variety is reporting that Brie Larson is Marvels first choice to play Captain Marvel. I so hope this happens as Larson is my choice for the role and I think she’s one of the best actresses working. Room was one of my favorite films made in the last 10 years and Brie Larson’s performance was amazing. She’s going to be in King Kong: Skull Island next year so her jumping into the MCU would makes sense, if she’s trying to become the huge star she has the potential to be.


Marry Poppins Returns

Disney announced that the Marry Poppins sequel will be released on Christmas Day in 2018 and will be called Marry Poppins Returns. I’m conflicted on this one because although I think Emily Blunt is a great actress, I love the original Marry Poppins film and I don’t want to see another one. Blunt is great but no one can replace Julie Andrews and similar to the Han Solo casting, I can’t see any other actress playing the role. Also the musicals made in the 60s, were very much of their time and aren’t made anymore. I’ll hold my judgement until I at least see a trailer but right now I can’t see this film working.



Sicario 2 updatesicario-4

In other Emily Blunt news, she out of the Sicario sequel and director Stefano Sollima is the front runner to take over directing from Denis Villenueve, according to Deadline. I don’t understand why they’re making this film. I’m not the biggest fan of Sicario but that film wrapped up everyone’s story and without Villenuve and Roger Deakins, who cares? I’m happy the film is going to focus more on the Benicio Del Toro character because he was clearly the most interesting but again I don’t know if there’s is much more left to tell.

Jeff Bridges in Kingsman 2 The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Jeff Bridges took to his Twitter to announce he will be in the sequel to Kingsman. This cast is pretty stacked and with Matthew Vaughn still not confirmed to be returning, I’m a little worried for this sequel. Jeff Bridges is an outstanding actor and would fit in the Kingsman world perfectly. Just take the Dude from The Big Lebowski, drop him into Kingsman and you’re guaranteed gold. I will be completely on board if Vaughn comes back to direct but until then, I’m going to continue to be slightly nervous.


The Rock confirmed to play Doc Savage 

Another week, another Dwayne Johnson casting. Johnson confirmed on his Instagram he’s playing Doc Savage. I have no knowledge of Doc Savage and to be honest, the first time I ever heard of the character was when Johnson was rumored to play him. That being said I looked into the property and he’s said to be the first Superhero and the inspiration for Superman. Then looking into the film itself, I learnt it’s being directed by Shane Black! I went from knowing nothing about this, to it being my most anticipated film out of the 536 films The Rock has signed on to do. The Rock is the real life Superman and Shane Black has never made a bad film, I can’t wait to see this.


What’s your thoughts on any of the topics I discussed or any I missed?

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