This week was a more quieter episode but probably the best written of the season so far. The dialogue and exchanges between many different people, were so engaging and kept me enthralled despite no action. I guess I should start where Game of Thrones started, with a cold open!

I was really excited to see Ian McShane on Game of Thrones, he fits into the world perfectly and so I was a little disappointed to see him come and go so quickly. He was great in this role and he will start what I’ll probably be saying for almost every story this week, amazing dialogue. The Hound is back and all his conversations with McShane, helped us understand who The Hound is even more and has sent him down a path that’s going to be crazy. We now have seen what happens when you try to live in peace with no violence, so I don’t think The Hound is going to be living that lifestyle anymore. I think he’s on a war path that will eventually lead to The Hound vs The Mountain.


Another very welcome return this week was Bronn. He’s one of the funnest characters and always brings hilarious lines to every scene he’s in. Uniting him with Jamie again is perfect as they have excellent chemistry and bounce of each other better than any two other characters. Another incredible interaction was between Jamie and Blackfish. I’m really intrigued to see how this plays out because right now I can’t see how Jamie and his Lannister army is going to win this battle.

Jon, Sansa and Davos going around recruiting for an army is one of many other spin off ideas for the future. Each one of these scenes was different and highlighted how all three of them are strong in some aspects and weak in others. Davos is becoming one of the best characters on the show since Stannis died and truly has been the biggest surprise for me this season. The young girl (whos ironically played by an actress named Bella Ramsey) at Bear Island was so great and it was a smart way to tie Jon back in with the Mormont family. The last we saw of Sansa was her sending a letter to who you have to assume was Baelish. I know they need him but the ramifications for using his help probably will come back to bite them in the long run. I can’t wait to see how everything comes together and what this battle between Bastards is going to look like.

My favorite scenes from this week were at King’s Landing. For a while now, Margaery has been one of the characters whos been quietly watching everything go down and waiting for her moment to strike. A few weeks ago I was complaining that I wanted to see more of her and now I think she’s on the verge of taking over King’s Landing. She is playing everyone, including Tommen and I think it won’t be long before she has Cersei, Tommen and all the High Sparrows killed and House Tyrell will sit on the throne (probably not for long though). Natalie Dormer is doing such a great job at playing Margaery and I definitely think she’s the most underrated actor on the show.


Olenna Tyrell was brutal with Cersei! She was laying it on her with everything Cersei has screwed up and Cersei had no answer, in fact she agreed with Olenna. Lena Headey performance was outstanding in this scene. You could see the rage building up inside her and it’s only a matter of time before she explodes and does something really crazy… Wildfire?

Across the Narrow Sea we didn’t see Daenerys and no Tyrion! but there was still some interesting developments. The most interesting for me were the Greyjoy siblings. In an episode full of speeches of motivation, convincing and encouragement, Yara’s conversation with Theon was the most heartfelt and moving. To be honest as a non-book reader before this season I didn’t care about the Greyjoys at all. But with Yara, Theon and Euron, I’m becoming more and more invested in this family. I feel they’re all going to play a big part in the ultimate end game.

For a split second I was about to scream at my TV if Arya died. This entire story arc for Arya has been up and down for me this season and I need to wait until it’s over to make my final decision. I can’t see a way Arya is going to get back into the House of Black and White but I don’t want this story to end without any reason for it starting in the first place. I want to see where Arya goes and who helps her because there’s a lot of people around the area at this time. Is she going to go back to Jaqen, will she run into Jorah, could the Greyjoys help her, maybe Lady Crane will find her, there’s so many possibilities at this point that I am excited to see where she goes next.

That pretty much everything I thought about this weeks episode. I’m a little bummed Ian McShane isn’t ‘hanging’ around any longer (that was terrible… sorry) but he served a purpose and I liked his scenes. It was a strong week of dialogue for Game of Thrones but I’m really upset we’ve only got 3 more left.

What did you think of the episode?

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