Last week I kept my review for the pilot spoiler free but to be able to delve properly into this weeks episode of Preacher, I am going to be discussing spoilers for the second episode of AMC newest show. So with that being said, SPOILERS BELOW!

Like I said last week I’m completely unfamiliar with this property so for me the opening to this episode meant nothing. Visually the character known as ‘The Cowboy’ was really cool and I’m sure this will tie in with the events in present day but for now I have no idea who that guy is or what he’s doing. My guess from the small information we got, the scenes with The Cowboy must have been close to the town we follow in present day because the tree where the Indians have been hung, is shown again later when Cassidy is burying the case. Maybe from the past scenes we’ll find out more about the past of the Preacher’s church and why these spiritual and supernatural things are happening to Jesse.

We saw last week that something that appears to have come from space, has possessed Jessie and now it seems to have given him some special powers. Now he’s discovered those powers and can use them to help people. The first episode was crazy and I had no idea what was happening but now I can see a clearer path of how this show is going to play out and there seems to be some structure forming. I had no problems with the out of control pilot but now we know the characters, I’m happy more of a plot is coming together. I’m intrigued to see how Jesse uses his powers, for good or bad.


As well as a plot forming, we also got a little hint towards the Preachers past. Cassidy said there was a story to tell about Jesse’s past and we have to see that in the future. I’m really enjoying the character of Jesse but I can’t wait to see how he learnt to fight and what he was doing before he came back to Texas. Dominic Cooper is doing such a great job of portraying the darkness and pain inside him, in every scene you can see in his eyes his dark past.

The Walking Dead has its fair share of violence and gross scenes but Preacher has it beat in two episodes. The action scenes in the Pilot and now this weeks episode are amazing. The church fight between Cassidy and the two guys from the Government was so much fun. Cassidy is my favorite character on the show and he was cracking me up constantly throughout a scene that was extremely violent. Whats making Preacher such an entertaining show is they’re able to get very blood and gruesome but keep it funny and enjoyable to watch. Also how on Earth are the two government guys still alive!?


Tulip is another great character on this show who is completely insane. We know from last weeks episode she has some criminal history with Jesse and now she’s a negative force preventing Jesse from becoming a ‘good preacher’. Like Cassidy, she has a lot of humor to her and shes being portrayed by Ruth Negga really well. She’s working on some big job with the map she got and I can’t wait to see whats actually going to happen and if she can get Jesse involved.

Something I’m very surprised at, is how stylish this show is considering its being directed by Seth Rogen. I’ve always thought he was a very funny guy but he’s proving that he’s got some directing talent too. The style and tone of Preacher reminds me of something Robert Rodriguez or Tarantino would do, like From Dusk Till Dawn. The big titles announcing what year you’re in, gives the show a cool feel to it, like you’re watching a film by one of those’s quirky, fun directors. However in this episode I thought they went a little too far with one particular aspect. The build up towards something scary and then revealing something harmless or funny, started to irritate me when they did it several times.

Overall though I’m thoroughly enjoying Preacher and I’ll definitely be reviewing it every week. With Orphan Black and Game of Thrones approaching the end of their series’s I needed another show to watch and this is that show.

What did you think of this episode and Preacher so far?

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