Good lord that cat is cute!

Keanu stars Jordan Peele (Key and Peele, MADtv), Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele, Tomorrowland), Tiffany Haddish (Meet the Spartans, The Carmichael Show), Method Man (How High, The Wire) and is directed by Peter Atencio (Key and Peele).

When Rell’s (Peel) cat Keanu is kidnapped by a drug dealer Cheddar (Method Man), he drags his cousin Clarence (Key) into a crazy adventure to retrieve his adorable new pet.

I knew of Key and Peele before this film but I had never seen their show and wasn’t familiar with any of their work. So I went into Keanu with practically no expectations other than it’s a comedy so I guess there’s jokes. I found myself laughing all the way through this film and having a really fun time. I found these two guys hilarious and I realise now I’ve been doing myself a disservice by not getting into Key and Peele earlier.

This is their film so I have to start with Keegan Key and Jordan Peele. Like I said this is my introduction to these guys (other than small cameos in other films) and straight away I got their humor and was laughing along with them all the way. Key is the more louder, eccentric character so he gets a lot of the big laughs but without Peele, there would be no one for him to bounce off and banter with. They have amazing chemistry and you could tell in a lot of scenes, they’re ad-libbing and just making stuff up on the spot. I thought I would feel out of the loop, by being unfamiliar with their previous work but right from the word go I got who these people were and I liked them a lot.


I’ve read a lot of people didn’t like how this film turned into more of an action film instead of a comedy but I didn’t get that at all. There was definitely more action than I thought there would be but I was constantly laughing throughout that action. I found this film ‘laugh out loud’ funny several times and the more it got crazier and crazier, the more I was on board. The film is pretty much comprised of drawn-out bits but I thought they connected together so well with a story I actually cared about. The bits themselves are ridiculous in a brilliant way. You have everything from a Hollywood drug deal, to psychedelic drug trips, George Michael songs and over the top gangster voices (which I found funny every time).

Sometimes in comedies with big leads, the film gets populated with horrible side-characters but Keanu was filled with a supporting cast and cameos that I really enjoyed. I always like seeing Method Man and he’s great at playing the head drug dealer (also he plays Cheddar in this and in The Wire his nickname was Cheese, what is it with Method Man and dairy?). Tiffany Haddish has a good role as part of the gang and there’s a lot of other solid parts from people like Jason Mitchell, Luis Guzman and Will Forte.

My favorite comedy from last year was Trainwreck and something that surprised me about that film was the well written story. I don’t think Keanu was as well written as Trainwreck but it shocked me how much I cared about Rell and his cat. I really wanted him to get Keanu back and was rooting for him to get out of every situation. You can also put that down to the likability of Key and Peele but I think they did a good job of writing a solid story and executing it in a way that got me invested.

So I’m a cat person, I like dogs but if I had to choose I’m picking a cat every time. So of course this film interested me just from the poster. I have to say Keanu himself stole this film from everyone else. The opening sequence that shows how Keanu got into Rell’s possession, put a huge smile on my face and right from the word go this film won me over. Funko Pop! needs to get their shit together and make a Pop! Vinyl of Keanu right now!


I really don’t have many big criticisms for this film. I do think it was a bit slow in between getting from one bit to another and there’s a romance that’s a waste of time. The film is only 100 minutes long but it does start to get a little tiring towards the end. You only need to shave off a few scenes, about 10 minutes so then when you get to the final action scene it wouldn’t feel bloated. They’re not huge complaints and for me didn’t take away from the film too much.

I’m still surprised how much I enjoyed this film and writing this review and think over everything, I’m liking it more and more. Key and Peele are fantastic, its funny throughout and if you’re a cat person, Keanu is amazing.


Have you seen Keanu and what did you think of it?

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