So far I think season 6 has made very few mistakes without the guidance of the books but this week was probably the first time I’m starting to get a little worried with the direction they’re going with certain characters. I liked the episode overall but it was the weakest of the season. It’s Game of Thrones, so like every episode there’s a lot to discuss and delve into, so lets begin.

Last week we saw the return of The Hound and this week we saw very clearly where his mind is. He went straight for revenge and showed no signs of holding back. This also lead to the return of Beric and the rest of the Brotherhood Without Banners. It’s good to see those guys back and very interesting to see if they stick around. They’re not just your average men walking in the woods, they could play a huge role in the show depending on where they go and who they align with. I know it was last week but I’m still not happy Ian McShane only made a guest appearance and only served as a device to move The Hound Along!

We spent a lot of time with Jamie and I almost liked everything that happened at Riverrun this week. His reunion with Brienne was another touching reuniting of two character, which this season has been full off. I really think Cersei is going to die this season and free up Jamie, to have some sort of relationship with Brienne. Throughout all the scenes with Brienne and especially with Edmure, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was outstanding as Jamie. When he was threatening Edmure, he became very intimidating in a way I don’t think we’ve ever seen Jamie before. Nikolaj has shown so many depths to Jamie and has played him in many different ways, from likable, funny, sympathetic, to evil, scary and arrogant. I’d love to see him get an Emmy nomination for this season because he’s has truly been incredible.


Speaking of reunions Bronn and Podrick met up again and thank god they did. You can pretty much put Bronn with any character and he’s guaranteed to be hilarious, whilst also improving whoever he’s with. Him and Pod had a great back and forth, making up most of the levity and humor this week. We need to get a Bronn and Podrick podcast going, that would be amazing.

Heading down south now and at King’s Landing, Cersei spilled the first blood in which will probably be a messy fight. The Mountain has really been living up to his name ever since Qyburn started putting something in his breakfast. I honestly think he could take on all the Sparrows by himself and we don’t need to use Wildfire, which is where I think this is all heading to. Cersei is losing small battles constantly and it’s only a matter of time before something pushes her over the edge into insanity (hopefully not the death of Jamie in battle). She does however have a secret that Qyburn confirmed and that opens up many theories about what that could be and how it will play into the story.

Bronn always brings humor but Missandei and Grey Worm might have a career in stand up if things don’t workout for them with Daenerys. This scene with them and Tyrion was really funny but also touching to see them finally relax and have a bit of fun. Of course that doesn’t last very long when the masters came back with fire. I don’t think the masters are going to last long against a Dothraki army and a giant dragon because Daenerys made her 100th dramatic entrance. I’m happy she’s back and now we can get her moving towards Westeros.

Varys left Tyrion to go on a secret mission and I can’t help but feel nervous about his fate. He seems to have lost his confidence since he was shut down by Kinvara and I hope he hasn’t lost his faith in Daenerys and Tyrion. Something clearly has effected him and it’s going to be fascinating to see what that is.

I’ve been enjoying season 6 just as much as any other season but this week we ran into a couple of problems that really annoyed me. The chase scene between Arya and Waif was shot really well and was really exciting but what came after that wasn’t as good. Arya finally announced herself as Arya Stark to Jaqen but then he smiled at her. Was that his plan all along? If this is the conclusion to this storyline and Arya is going to find her way back to Westeros, this was anticlimactic and a really boring ending to what could have been the most interest story on the show. I’ve been saying every week now you never know with the Many Faced God, the next time we see Arya it could take another twist and change how I feel about everything we’ve seen happen but right now I’m not happy.


My other problem with this episode was how they killed supposedly one of the greatest warriors in Westeros, off screen. I thought Blackfish was so cool last week and then he practically gives up Riverrun and we don’t even get to see him go out! It wasn’t even worth bringing him back into the show if all they were going to do was kill him off like a bitch. I guess you never can actually be sure he’s dead, if you never see a body but I’m pretty certain he’s gone for good.

This was definitely not a perfect episode this week but with Game of Thrones I’m never bored and the 60 minutes flew by again. I’ll probably not remember the criticisms I had with this weeks episode because I think we might be in for the greatest episode ever on Sunday. Can’t wait!

What did you think of this weeks Game of Thrones

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