Eddie the Eagle stars Taron Egerton (Kingsman, Legend), Hugh Jackman (X-Men, The Prestige), Jo Hartley (This is England, Dead Mans Shoes) and is directed by Dexter Fletcher (Wild Bill, Sunshine on Leith).

Eddie the Eagle is the true story about Eddie Edwards who always wanted to be an Olympian but was never any good at any spot. But at the age of 22 he discovers Ski Jumping and despite all the odds, he’s determined to make it to the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Two films have been released this year involving the Olympics but both of them were released months before the actual event this year in August. Surely it would have made much more sense for Eddie the Eagle to come out right around the corner from this years Summer Olympics with all the Olympic buzz. Either way the film was successful and turned out to be pretty decent.

Since Kingsman I’ve been excited to see what Taron Egerton is going to do next and Eddie the Eagle was a great choice. He was very charismatic in Kingsman but in this he proved he has real acting chops and range. Egerton is so likable as Eddie Edwards and although the 1988 Olympics were before my time, through this film I can understand why the public fell in love with The Eagle. You could tell Egerton really put a lot into this role and he disappeared into Eddie. You’re rooting for him all the way through the film and by the end you too can’t help but fall in love with him.

Hugh Jackman plays Eddie’s coach and I thought he did a good job. The character was a excellent jumper himself but failed to keep his life in order. We know from the X-Men films Jackman can play a drunk, miserable loner and he does that here whilst still maintaining enough pleasantness to be around. He also has an interesting relationship with a character played by Christopher Walken, which pays off nicely towards the end and adds even more delight to an already happy film.

Eddie the Eagle is a feel good sports film in every sense of the word. It’s very predictable and doesn’t offer anything new in the sports genre but yet it still works. The main two characters are likable enough to get you through the film and its very motivational and uplifting. It’s really funny too. I wasn’t expecting as much humor as this film gives out but I found myself smiling and laughing a lot. The majority  of the laughs come from Eddies failures but it never felt like you were laughing at him. I could see some people finding Eddie the Eagle to be too “fluffy” but I found it to be pleasant and just short of cheesy.

This is a cliched film and in that I think it’s very heavy handed with the underdog story and no one believing in Eddie. I get that his chances of even being able to compete are almost zero but did everyone he meets have to be a dick? Literally everyone from his coach, other jumpers, the Olympic team, commentators and even his own dad, are all horrible people. They’re playing up the “unsupportive dad” but towards the end it got really annoying when he would rather watch another TV show instead of his son compete.

I had fun watching this film but I doubt I’ll ever watch it again. It worth watching to be inspired, have your heart warmed and go on with you day. If your a big fan of sports films, this doesn’t add anything new to the genre but it is completely harmless.


Have you seen Eddie the Eagle and what did you think about it?

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