With the release of Finding Dory it’s perfect timing to count down my ten favorite films from one of the best film studios, Pixar.


Up (2009)81XF8gRwX6S._SL1500_

A lot of people probably have Up in their top 3 but for me, I only really like the first 15 minutes. The rest of the film is fine but I never got into the boy, the stupid bird and the talking dogs. The opening sequence however is unbelievably emotional. It’s amazing how fast you care about these two characters and how quickly Pixar ripped everyone hearts out. I think Up is a good film but way overrated.


Monsters University (2013)monsters1

After Cars 2 I wasn’t excited for a Pixar sequel that didn’t have Toy Story in the title but I was surprised how much I enjoyed Monster University. I love the characters from the first film and they handled their backstory really well. It’s a charming, funny and an around pleasant film.


WALL-E (2008)Wall-E_Cubecolors

I had a similar experience with WALL-E that I had with Up. I love the first half of this film but when it changes in the middle, I lost interest a little. The animation and atmosphere created on Earth in the earlier parts of this film is wonderful. I could watch that little robot rolling around garbage all day.


Ratatouille (2007) Ratatouille

I had no interest in watching a rat chef at all but 5 minutes into Ratatouille and I was hooked. All the characters created are colorful, exciting and build this world in france, that is so fun to explore. The animation is incredible, Paris has never looked better. It’s probably not the funniest Pixar film but it’s thoroughly enjoyable and endearing throughout.


The Good Dinosaur (2015)The_Good_Dinosaur_Pixar_3.0.0

I only just watched The Good Dinosaur because when it came out last year, the reviews weren’t all that great. It had tough competition that year as far as animation goes but I thought this film was fantastic. The backgrounds and scenery look so really and the very cartoony characters created a contrast which was beautiful to watch. The story isn’t groundbreaking but I fell in love with all the characters and found myself being wrapped up in their lives almost immediately.


Finding Nemo (2003)open-uri20150608-27674-tmzm40_c7fa1a64

Now we’re getting to the heavy hitters for Pixar, starting off with Finding Nemo. Like Up, the first 10 minutes of this film is heartbreaking but I found the rest of it to be on the same quality as its opening. There’s so many hilarious characters from Dory, to Bruce the Shark, the Turtles and the ‘mine’ seagulls. It has an underappreciate score, the ocean looks amazing and you’ll never look at fish the same way again.


The Incredibles (2004)-e0859b4f-9efa-47c8-87dd-d7dc4d9c4dc5

Man, The Incredibles is so good. In the era of Superhero films I have no idea how they haven’t made 5 sequels, 5 spinoffs and a Netflix series based on this film. I love this crazy superhero family and all their crazy personalities, Syndrome is a great villain and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve screamed “Where’s my SUPER SUIT” at random people on the street.


Inside Out (2015)maxresdefault (1)

Last year Pixar put out two films and although I’m in the minority by loving The Good Dinosaur, I think we can all agree Inside Out is perfect. Since first seeing this film last year, I have watched it several times and never getting bored. I think this is Pixar’s funniest film and has me dying with laughter every time. It’s funny, smart and an extremely well made instant classic.


Monsters, Inc. (2001)set_monsters_inc_boo_sulley

I liked the sequel but nothing can compare to the brilliance of Monsters, Inc. What makes Pixar so great is their genius ideas and concepts for films. The world created in Monsters, Inc. is incredible and so well realised that when you’re thrown into it, it feels like a real place. Boo rivals Puss in Boots as the cutest animated character, Mike and Sully’s friendship takes you through this journey and results in one of the best films ever.


Toy Story Trilogy_78821543_toy-storydisneypixar

Instead of having the top 3 films be all from the same series, I cheated and put the Toy Story trilogy together in one spot. In the later years of the 2000s I went through a phase of think I had out grown animated films, until Toy Story 3 brought me back in and became one of my top ten films of all time. Every film in this trilogy is perfect and sits just under The Lord of the Rings as the second best trilogy ever, in my opinion.


Honorable Mentions 

A Bug’s Life



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