Season 4 of Orphan Black unfortunately just wrapped up this week and although I didn’t review every episode week by week, I was still watching and it still remains one of my favorite shows. Now that the season has finished, I’m going to look back and give my overall thoughts on the season, count down my top 5 favorite episodes and give some predictions for the fifth and final season.

The season started off with an excellent flash back episode showing the final days of Beth’s life. Despite having very little of the main clones, this episode was a great way to get you back into Orphan Black by going all the way back past season 1. The Neolutionists were tied back into the story and it kicked off the season.

Over the next couple of episodes we were introduced to MK and Sarah discovered the bot inside her mouth. I really enjoyed the Cronenberg style horror the bots brought to this season and how the Neolutionists became the main villains again. Episode 3 had one of my favorite moments from this season, when Donnie and Alison dug up Leekies body to retrieve the bot from his mouth. They always bring comedy and levity to the show and their absence was something I didn’t like later on in the season.

After episode 3, Orphan Black went on a run of 3 incredible episodes. Episode 4 saw Sarah desperately searching for a way to remove the bot from her mouth and Donnie and Felix went under cover in Brightborn as a gay couple. Also we got what seemed to be the conclusion of the MK story when she captured Ferdinand in Beth’s house. Donnie and Felix were hilarious as a gay couple and the final scenes with MK were really powerful. Tatiana was amazing in this episode.

Every season there’s at least one episode that takes place mainly in one area and involves multiple clones thrown into a public situation. Season 1 had Alison’s house party, season 2 you had Alison in rehab and now this season Donnie and Cosima went undercover at Brightborn and Crystal turned up to do her own investigating too. I love these episodes and this one kept building up and up with more people arriving at Brightborn. I was laughing constantly throughout the episode and Donnies “I have to go… shit” line was brilliant, I’m still laugh at that now.

Episode 6 was a powerful, emotional and intense episode. It ended with the sad death of Kendall and Cosima being told Delphine was dead. It was a depressing episode for the clones as they also lost all their research they had built up for 4 seasons. It was a slow start for Cosima this season but in the second half she really came to play and Tatiana really got to delve into the character more than she ever has before. Evie Cho became Evil Cho and I thought she was a great villain throughout this season. This was a dark episode and that tone then drag through till the end of the season.

After the loss of pretty much everything they had worked for, Sarah reverted back to her old ways before she knew anything about clones. If you look back over the first half of this season nothing good happened to the clones and Sarah was being methodically broken down, until the events of the previous episode broke her. It was hard to watch Sarah fall after all these episodes but it wrapped up in a excellent scene at the end, with her and Felix reuniting (after stupid Adele got in the way, I hated that character) and the final conclusion to the Beth storyline. This episode also ended with Donnie being arrest during his children’s birthday party.

My main problem with season 4 was the lack of time spent with Alison. I love Donnie but it almost felt like he became the main Hendrix in Clone club whilst Allison sat on the sidelines. Well in episode 8 she finally got an episode that focused mainly on her and how she was struggling between saving Donnie and giving up Sarah. I’m really happy she found a way to help both of them because I didn’t want to see Alison turn on her sestras. I liked the developments with Allison but has anyone else had that annoying ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ song stuck in their head for the past 3 weeks? Mrs.S also got her revenge on ear muffs guy and wrapped that story up in a pretty weak torture scene.

So now we’re down to just two episodes left and this was where I got a little disappointed with this season. It’s not that I think they did anything wrong, it’s just the final two episodes felt anticlimactic. Going into the finale after episode 9, I didn’t feel like they had setup the final episode to make me really excited to see the conclusion. Then when I actually watched the last episode last night, I was underwhelmed. For starters they completely left Alison and Helena out of the loop. Helena was seen for 20 seconds and Alison wasn’t seen at all! I like that we’re heading into the last season with Rachel as the main villain but for me I felt like this was the penultimate episode because things where left unsolved. I guess if you go back to the end of season 1, it ended on a cliffhanger but I watched seasons 1 & 2 together so it didn’t effect me.

Overall I think this season was the weakest out of the four but I still enjoyed it a lot. There were some great episodes and moments, I just think it ended weak. I wanted to see a lot more of Alison and Helena who didn’t have a strong storyline going throughout the season. Tatiana Maslany was unbelievable as always and deserves to be nominated and win an Emmy for her performance but it won’t happen. This was a darker season (maybe it will be the Empire Strikes Back of Orphan Black and then the final season will end on a much happier note) but I really missed a big scene with all the clones together, like we got at the end of the previous two seasons.

As far as the news we got this week that season 5 will be the last for Orphan Black, my heart say no but my brain knows it’s probably best for the show. I’ve always been worried Orphan Black could completely fall of the rails, as it could get overly convoluted very easily but so far that hasn’t happened and it’s probably best to stop before it does.

Top 5 episode of season 4 

5. From Instinct to Rational Control – Episode 4

4. The Antisocialism of Sex – Episode 7

3. The Collapse of Nature – Episode 1

2. Human Raw Material – Episode 5

1. The Scandal of Altruism – Episode 6

It’s hard to really predict what’s going to happen, so I guess I’ll just give some things I want to happen. I’ve been worried since we first got a hint Kira had some sort of special powers, she would become like Walt from Lost. I don’t know if you remember that character but he was the son of Michael and had special abilities but they were never explained. I want to know why Kira has visions and I really don’t want it to go unexplained. Rachel has betrayed everyone now and I want to see her go full blown evil, which will probably result in her death at the end. Also I’m pretty much done with the Susan Duncan character but I think she’ll probably still be alive and will be trying to bring Rachel back to the light.

Although I didn’t love season 4, it was still a really good season and I can’t wait to see how they finally wrap this entire story up next year. What did you think of Orphan Black Season 4?

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