One more episode left… oh 😦

So that was one of the craziest experience I’ve ever had watching anything! You always know with episode 9, Game of Thrones is going to be awesome and this week it definitely was. There was only two location to discuss but still lots to get into.

Before we get to the bastards, there were two major segments in Meereen. Tyrion finally had an awesome scene this season, that showed how powerful he can be with his words. He screwed it up with the slave owners but he made it right this week and as per usual his dialogue was brilliant. I liked that Daenerys wasn’t too upset at Tyrion but you could also tell she was still annoyed. I didn’t need to see another situation similar to her and Jorah, so now she can take her ships, armies, dragons and Tyrion all to conquer Westeros.

My favorite episode of Game of Thrones is (even after this one) Hardhome because before you got to the battle with the White Walker, Tyrion and Daenerys met for the first time in an outstandingly written scene. Now before the big battle this week, Daenerys met with the Greyjoy siblings. This was such a great scene joining these two house together and making Daenerys a complete unstoppable force. There was definitely some flirtatious behavior between Danny and Yara and we know from last week Yara doesn’t seem to have any interesting in the opposite sex. #Yarys anyone?

I don’t even no where to start with what came next. Ramsay and Jon met before the battle and the tension start to build from then on. An interesting question rose from this scene of who would win in a one on one fight between the two of them. Jon is obviously the better swordsman but Ramsay isn’t someone who plays by the rules, he wouldn’t shy away from a swift kick to the balls. Oh well, we’re never going to find out anyway. Also, shout-out to Lady Mormont for staring down Ramsay during this entire scene… badass!

I hated Sansa for so long but this season it has been incredible watching her take everything that’s happened to her, absorb it and come out as one of the strongest characters on the show. Her back and forth with Jon before the battle was so frustrating to watch because as Jon proved later on, she was right. She has become so smart yet the writers haven’t gone too far, in making her unbelievable. She didn’t know how to beat Ramsay, she knew nothing about fighting but she knew mentally Ramsay would defeat Jon because of her experience with him. Jon hasn’t exactly had an easy life but Sansa has been through so much that she knows better than him, that no one can protect her or anyone else.

Last thing worth mentioning before the big fight, is Davos and Tormund. I don’t no what it is about this show but every time they pair two people together, it creates pure comedic gold. Tormund was hilarious this week and Kristofer Hivju, who plays him has been killing it this season with his facial expressions. I really though he was going to die and I’m so happy he didn’t. I do however think there’s going to be some sort of confrontation between Davos and Melisandre, again I hope no one dies.

Now we can finally get to the perfection that was that battle. This was mind blowing. The visuals were so cinematic and proved that Game of Thrones belongs on the big screen, right next to Lord of the Rings. What HBO has been doing with the battles over the last 3 seasons has been revolutionary and completely fresh as far as TV goes. No one has ever done anything like this before and no one ever will. No other network would allow a show to spend so much time building towards something, with little pay off until one final blow off. They earned every single moment that took place in this battle, meaning every sword swung, arrow shot and blood split was so emotional and powerful that it hit you every time.

What made this fight work and what made it better than any other fight before this was the emotion. I don’t think anyone liked Ramsay or thought he was a good person (if you did it’s probably best for everyone if you don’t leave your house ever again), so when he’s stood watching Jon suffocating and smiling, I was screaming at the TV. So many shows build a villain up and then kill them at the end of their first season, Ramsay had time to grow into the most despicable person on television, making you truly invested in this battle. Since season one, Game of Thrones has been pulling off the slow burn to perfection and this finale of the Ramsay storyline was the best yet.

Joffrey had a very satisfying death, although there was always a part of me that wanted to see him ripped limb from limb (man, Game of Thrones can make you violent), there was nothing more satisfying than the death of Ramsay. From his face when he first saw The Knights Of Vale, his face when he realised Jon was about to start punching a hole in his face, his face after Jon did punch a hole in his face, his face when it got ripped of by his own dogs and Sansa’s face after all that happened, was amazing. There are two days that define human progress, the day we landed on the moon and the day Ramsay died.

The complaint I’ve seen online and the complaint I had after initially watching this episode, was that the Battle of the Bastards was very predictable. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised it doesn’t matter. They executed this with such perfection and it was so effective, who cares? Before watching it, I was trying to predict who would die on the good side because you know, it’s Game of Thrones but no one did and I’m so happy about that. Game of Thrones isn’t exactly a happy, whimsical show and the good guys never win, so I’m happy that for the first time the Starks got a victory.

I’m so sad there’s only one episode left this season but it couldn’t come soon enough. Like every season, episode 9 was excellent and like always, it’s not over yet.

What did you think of this episode and as no one good died this week (other than Rickon but who cares about him?) who do you think is going to die in the finale?

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