I have know idea where to start with this review or if I can even remember everything that happened. Literary everything that could happen, happened in one big, fan service filled episode. Get comfortable because this is going to be an extra long review, just like that finale. Should also point out, there will be plenty of spoilers so… Spoiler Alert!!

The easiest place to start is where the episode did. The conclusion to the King’s Landing storyline, could have easily been the ending of any other season but this finale had other plans and decided to start the episode there. This was crazy! They had dropped hints at Wild Fire being implemented back into the show and Cersei used it to full effect. For the past few seasons Margaery has been one of my favorite characters at King’s Landing and I really thought she had a plan but she didn’t, she blew up with everyone else and it was sad to see her go. This scene was amazingly built, with the score, Margaery realising what was happening and then the High Sparrow does just before they’re all blown away. You knew after that opening, you were in for something special with this episode.

So Tommen jumped out a window. When Jamie came back, he shared a look with Cersei that was hard to read but I hope he doesn’t blame her for Tommen’s death. Cersei did what she had to do and Tommen was to weak to handle it. He had been manipulated and trick by so many people, that in the end he believed his best option was taking his own life. It’s actually a tragic story, when you think about Tommen and how he was thrown so much power at such a young age, he fell in love and didn’t understand what was happening to him. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise that he would reach that point in his life. Now we have the question of who is the most stupid Lannister, Tommen or Lancel? Seriously how moronic was Lancel stumbling through those tunnels.

We ended King’s Landing with Cersei finally on the throne after all these seasons. With Danny also finally progressing, I don’t know how long she’s going to stay on the throne but we’ll get to that later. Cersei is probably the most evil and conniving character left on the show but we still root for her. When she gets her revenge on the “Shame” lady I was smiling and cheering along with her. Also the Mountain revealed he didn’t have Joffrey’s head (I was kinda hoping he did).

Something I wasn’t expecting was to see Varys back so soon. I was so intrigued to see where he was going to go in Westeros and we found out he’s making alliances with the Tyrell’s and the Sand Snakes. It was a genius move and another example of why Varys is one of the most important characters on the show. It also made Dorne more interesting.

So Arya made it back to Westeros, Varys went to Dorne and back, Jamie returned to King’s Landing but Brienne and Pod still haven’t got back to Winterfell. The timing doesn’t add up but the point is Arya is back in Westeros!! When that woman kept staring at Jamie and then she comes and gives Walder Frey his food in an empty room, I was so confused as to who she was and then all was revealed. This was the most shocking moment in tonight episode because I really thought Arya was done for this season. Season 6 without the guidance of the books has definitely been a rewarding one for fans after 5 brutal seasons. Ramsey got a violent death and now Arya got to kill the man responsible for the Red Wedding in the same way her mother died, a knife to the throat. So satisfying and so happy to see Arya back where she belongs.

Every week Sansa has gotten more and more awesome and again this week she showed how strong she has become. She saw right through Baelish and even though he saved them, he’s ended up with nothing. The stare they shared however makes me worry that she just made an enemy with the same man responsible for killing her father and starting pretty much the entire conflict of the show. Baelish will stab you in the back at the first chance he gets but he’s just as dangerous as a foe. It’s going to be fascinating to see how that plays out in season 7 and to see how much more Sansa grows.

Winter has finally came and everyone’s is getting way to happy and ahead of themselves. I can very clearly remember Rob Stark getting the same cheers from the North and well, it didn’t turn out so good for him. Once again Lady Mormont is the most badass person on the show and is seriously becoming one of my favorite characters. At first it was a funny joke but now she’s a serious contender. I wanted to see White Walkers in this episode but you can’t get everything and with Benioff and Weiss coming out and saying they’ve only got 13 episodes left, I think we’ll see enough Walkers next season.

It’s been rumored, theorized and debated for so long but now it’s confirmed, R + L = J! We saw earlier in the season the Tower of Joy and they cut away just before the good bit but now we’ve seen the full scene. Jon Snow is half Targaryen. This was almost guaranteed by the fan theory but it was still a crazy moment to see it actually happen. It was so perfect how the close up of little Jon, cut to big Jon, confirming one of the biggest twist on the show. Now Bran just needs to get to Winterfell and let everybody know. Benjen also confirmed he can’t go past the wall, so I guess he’s just going to hang around until the White Walkers break it down?

Unless I’m forgetting something, the last part of the season 6 finale was Daenerys actually on boats, actually going to Westeros! It’s been so long, I didn’t think this would ever happen but it did and I can’t wait to see Danny take over everything. She left poor Daario at Meereen (another victim of Daenerys friend zoning), made Tyrion Hand of the Queen and off she goes. It’s hard to imagine anyone being able to beat her, I don’t even feel the White Walkers have been built up as a formidable opponent and with three giant dragons who wouldn’t join her. The look on Cersei’s face when Tyrion and Daenerys turn up with three dragons, is going to be priceless.

The fan service, the happy endings and the overall storytelling of this finale, definitely felt different to previous seasons and Benioff and Weiss running the show with no books to guide them was obvious this season but I loved almost every moment of it. This was an amazing episode, best of the season and one of the best ever. An episode like this has to be watched several times just to take in everything that happened because it was so jam-packed but I can tell you now, this was the best finale Game of Thrones has ever done.

I’ll be doing a season review, going over the entire sixth season, giving my top 5 episodes and some predictions for next year but until then what did you think of this episode and season 6 as a whole?

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