I’ve only ever discussed film and TV on this site but I also love MMA and as the biggest MMA event ever just took place, I figured why not give my thoughts on an epic night of fights. I should also point out I’m not an expert on fighting but I have a true passion for the sport and have been following it for a long time, so these are just my non-professional opinions on the fights.

Despite all the controversy and shenanigans in the build up to UFC 200, I thought it was a great event and I had a lot of fun with all the fight. Yes, I wanted to see McGregor vs Diaz and yes, Jones vs Cormier 2 is still a fight that must happen but the main card and the prelims were still awesome. The fact Tate and Nunes was the main event of the biggest card in UFC history, was another huge step for women’s MMA and they proved to be yet again, one of the most dangerous and exciting fighters fighting.

Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne 

This fight had my favorite moment of the night, Velasquez throwing a wheel kick! I thought Cain would win but I was nervous after his last performance and suffering from injuries but he came out and looked like the old Cain again, with new tricks. He has to fight the winner of Miocic vs Overeem and I think he will become the second man to win the Heavyweight Title 3 times.

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar 

Just like Cain, Aldo is back and I’m worried for McGregor. I’m one of those moron McGregor fan who believes he can do anything but if this Aldo turns up to fight him in the rematch, he’s going to have a hard time. This was the most disappointing fight of the night because I thought it would be closer but Edgar couldn’t get the takedowns and Aldo was landing the most effective strikes. It was a good fight and Aldo showed that KO last year is way behind him.

Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva

This fight was the perfect example of why I hate MMA fans sometimes. On 2 days notice Cormier took a fight against the greatest striker of all time, so why was anyone surprised and annoyed when the Olympic wrestler took the fight to the ground? I’m a huge fan of DC and I thought he executed the smartest and perfect game plan against Anderson. This was the only fight on the card that I thought the outcome was obvious, not even Anderson Silva was going to be able to walk into that cage and beat Cormier with zero training!

Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt

Although it was maybe the least eventful fight, Lesnar vs Hunt was my favorite on the main card. Every time Lesnar steps into the octagon it’s exciting and we got to see a full 15 minutes worth of the two big men going at it. Despite being a massive Brock fan, I really thought he was going to get KO’d in round one but he got Hunt down and worked his nasty ground and pound. Knowing Mark Hunt’s power and skill made every moment this fight was on the feet really intense and every time Lesnar got a takedown it was so rewarding. I hope Brock comes back as his victory has opened up a lot of possibilities and as I’m writing this, I’m watching the post fight press conference and he seemed to have enjoyed himself a lot tonight.

Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes

I also predicted this one completely wrong. I knew Nunes was dangerous in the early round but I thought Miesha could weather the storm and pull out a finish or decision in the later rounds. It just goes to show you with all the title changes since Rousey’s defeat, the Bantamweight division is full of killers and looking at the top 5 fighters, anyone of them could be champion. Right now though, Nunes is the champion and she looked devastating! She had power and technique on the feet, then finishing Miesha with the choke… beautiful. Maybe Nunes will keep the belt for at least one defense but I’m thinking she’s going to face the winner of Holm vs Shevchenko and I don’t like her chances against Holly Holm. There’s always the possibility of a certain “rowdy” woman making her return or even Julianna Pena (who looked excellent in her prelim win over Cat Zingano), the women’s bantamweight is really exciting right now and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

UFC put on one hell of a weekend, that Fight Night card on Friday was also spectacular and in my opinion UFC 200 didn’t disappoint at all. What did you think of the biggest event in MMA, UFC 200?

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