So Star Wars Celebration is this week and for the first time ever, I’m going! I’m obsessed with Star Wars and right now we’re in the golden age, with films, TV shows, books, comics, games, everything that comes out I’m absorbing and loving. So last year when I was watching the live streams of Celebration in Anaheim and they announced next years Star Wars Celebration was coming to London, I booked tickets as soon as they were available.

So what I’m going to try to do, is post everyday while I’m in London documenting everything I see and do. I’ll be trying my hardest to get into all the big panels for Rogue One, Rebels and the big final one on Sunday. Also I’ll be tweeting throughout all the days, so if you want to follow my Twitter you can here. I’m preparing and laying out plans for the weekend now and I can’t wait to share everything with you!