Star Wars Celebration is over but I’m still very much so in a Star Wars zone. So for this weeks Top Ten, I decided to count down my favorite Star Wars character from the new canon.


Luke Skywalker LukeGreenSaber-MOROTJ

Luke Skywalker gets better and better every time we see him. A New Hope he was whiny and a little annoying, in Empire he got a little better but then in Return of the Jedi he became the awesome Jedi we always wanted him to become. Now in The Force Awakens and hopefully moving forward, he’s cooler than ever before taking on the Obi-Wan role and will be the ultimate, old Jedi Master. 



A newer character, so Finn is low on the list but has huge potential to move up in time, he was a character that I found a pleasure to watch on screen. He came across as naturally funny, heroic and an all round nice guy. John Boyega was excellent in this role, he brought a lot of charisma to Finn and made him the lovable hero he is.   



The Grand Inquisitor The_Inquisitors_lightsaber

I loved this character on Rebel and he still remains my favorite from the show. The way he methodically broke down Kanan in their first encounter is one of the best scenes from the show and Jason Isaacs voice was perfect. The direction they took his character’s backstory last season was fascinating and added even more depth to an already brilliant villain.   


Rey (Skywalker?)_87495701_rey_ap_976

There’s been backlash to Rey since the Force Awakens but I’ve never agreed. From the moment Daisy Ridley step out on the Celebration stage last year, to her final scene with Luke, she’s been the most likable human being to come out of TFA, as Rey and Daisy. I’m convinced there’s going to be a past to Rey that will make her a top 3 character in the future and I can’t wait to see what that is.




“Yoda, you seek Yoda”. Who doesn’t love Yoda? I liked the Prequel Yoda but he’s mainly on the list for the crazy yet wise, Yoda in the original trilogy. The puppeteering work is incredible and Frank Oz brought that little guy to life in a way only he could. He was funny, weird, powerful and a little scary. If you’re a Star Wars fan or not everyone knows Yoda. One of the best he is!


Princess Leia open-uri20150608-27674-1ly2wd_eb4b4064

The original trilogy present Leia in an awesome way but what got her so high on my list, was the this year’s novel, Bloodline. It been my favorite from the new canon novels and it expanding the Leia character in an amazing way. It delved into the psyche of Leia and how she has dealt with everything that’s happened in her life. Author Claudia Grey captured the spirit of Leia and made her a character I appreciate even more.


Darth Vaderlandscape-1453994837-movies-star-wars-darth-vader

The next 4 were all battling in my head for the number 1 spot so it was really close between all of them. Darth Vader ultimately ended up in the 4th spot because he’s Darth Vader. He’s the most iconic villain in film history, most recognisable and most badass. The tragic story of Anakin Skywalker is the best written origin for a villain ever (even if executed poorly) and his presence on screen has never been match.  


Han SoloHan-Solo-Movie-021016

Look, I love the original big 3 cast members, Hamill, Fisher and Ford but it’s not a coincidence that the one actor who had a huge film career after Star Wars, was Harrison Ford. He brought so much to that character and he made Han Solo. He’s witty, charismatic and despite the exterior, he’s a softy at heart. He practically stole the entire Force Awakens from everybody all these years later and just like Indiana Jones, no one else should be playing Han Solo.


Obi-Wan Kenobi alec-guinness-star-wars-obi-wan

In big fantasy epics I always find the wise, old, master to be the most fascinating. From Gandalf to Obi-Wan they have the coolest lines and monologues and the mythical nature around them, makes them the most intriguing people to watch. It’s also interesting that my top two are the only characters I liked in the prequels because Ewan McGregor did a fantastic job with a younger Obi-Wan, bring him back Disney!!  


Emperor Palpatinepalpatine-being-bad

It doesn’t get more evil and it doesn’t get more perfect than Palpatine. The patience this guy showed in the prequels still amazes me and it’s the main reason I love the Siths. His origin was handled with perfection in the prequels and I will stand by that as the one shining point in those films. The confrontation between Palpatine, Luke and Vader in Return of the Jedi is one of the greatest conclusions to any saga, ever told. Ian McDiarmid killed it in and out of the prosthetics and Emperor Palpatine is, my favorite Star Wars character ever!


Honorable Mentions 

Darth Maul

Kanan Jarrus




Boba Fett


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