So I’ve missed the last couple of reviews for Ray Donovan and I have to say I’m starting to lose interest with this show. I still enjoy aspect of the show, the acting is tremendous, I like most of the characters but similar to season 2, this season is a mess. There’s a thousand different storylines and with no real focus on any of them. After the first episode I thought the main focus of this season would be Ray and Hector but Hector and his sister have hardly been seen over the last 3 episodes. You have the convoluted story between Ray and the Russian mob, Abby has cancer, Bunchy is having baby and relationship problems, Mickey’s in prison now, Terry has a new boxer and sometimes the writers remember Conor and Bridget. Anyway lets get into this weeks episode.

The main thread this week was Ray going with Mickey to retrieve the money from Mickey’s botch robbery. I love any scene with Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight together. Their banter back and forth is really funny yet sometimes really hurtful. Voight’s reactions to Ray’s comments about their past, are always impactful and despite how much he screws up, you believe he truly is sorry. I was thinking over the entire show and I don’t think Mickey has ever done one completely, selfless act but turning himself in this week was the first. I can’t help but think he probably has some plan up his sleeve but right now it looks like he’s in serious trouble.

To be honest I don’t really care about anything else happening on the show right now. If it doesn’t involve Ray, everything else seems like background noise until it does. The two characters I do enjoy watching however are Daryll and Avi. They were used a lot this week for comedic relief and I found them both funny. It’s probably just my inner Scarface fanboy but since the show started Avi has always been one of my favorites and Steven Bauer has been killing it in the role. As for him teaching Conor how to use a gun, I couldn’t care less. Conor to me has been treated like Sergeant Brody’s son on Homeland, I forget he exists until he comes on screen.

Teresa has gone crazy and left Bunchy to raise their child…. OK. There’s nothing particularly bad about this storyline, I just don’t care. It’s not grabbing me in anyway and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere interesting. Dash Mihok has been giving an underrated performance as Bunchy but right now I’m not interested. Bridget broke up with her creepy teacher and went home. They spent all that time last season (and I never cared about it then) to just write off the teacher off screen? It doesn’t really bother me because I didn’t want to see him again anyway but it still feels like lazy writing. I guess Bridget will fade into the background until she pops back up with another annoying problem.

I don’t really have anything more to say about this episode of Ray Donovan. I guess the Abby stuff this week was good, I like Paula Malcomson and she’s going to do a really good job with this cancer story as it progresses. That’s about it! I’m not enjoying this season so far and right now it’s on track to be the worst one yet.

What did you think about this weeks episode and season 4 so far?

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