I’m about to boldly go where millions of people have gone before.

I consider myself to be a pretty well rounded geek when it comes to films, TV and pop culture. I can hang with any Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel or DC fan but I have a huge gap. My Star Trek knowledge is very minimal. I’ve seen the two J. J. Abrams films and a few years ago I watched the first season of the Original Series but I can only remember specific images and certain storylines from that season. So I’m going on an adventure.

Over what will probably be many months, I’m going to watch and review every bit of Star Trek I can possibly take in. I’m going to be watching the TV series’s, all the films and maybe even the animated series. I’m starting with the 60s show and then progressing through with everything in the order they were released.

I’m really excited to dive head first into Star Trek and experience everything this world has to offer with you. Right now I haven’t got a schedule for when I’ll be releasing the reviews, I’m probably going to need to plan out how long this is going to take and at what rate I’ll need to be producing these reviews, so I can finish before I die. As for the TV shows I’ve decided to take on the herculean task of reviewing every season, episode by episode. I’m really eager to get going so you might see a review go up later today.

Let me know in the comments if you have any advice or suggestions for other media like Star Trek games, books or comics that I should review as well.

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