I haven’t done one of these in weeks but with Comic Con last weekend, there’s lots of trailers and news to discuss. Hopefully, I’ll be keeping up with all the news and bringing one of these out every week.

Comic Con Trailers 

There were a lot of trailers released at Comic Con so I picked my favorite 4, that I found interesting.

Wonder Woman – This Wonder Woman trailer was by far my favorite trailer from Comic Con and was the highlight from this years Con. The action looked incredible, Wonder Woman looks badass and when her theme kicked in from BvS I lost it (its been my alarm since I first saw the film). I’m still cautious going in because Gal Gadot hasn’t shown me anything acting wise that proves she has the chops to carry her own film but from her scenes in BvS, I thought she was promising.


Justice League – After BvS you could feel the tone switch instantly in this Justice League trailer and I’m OK with that. Personally I didn’t think the tone of BvS was the defining flaw in the film but I’m looking forward to seeing something more from DC instead of just dark and brooding. Jason Momoa as Aquaman is as perfect superhero casting as you will ever see and The Flash was really funny. I can’t wait to finally see all these heroes together on screen, in what I’m hoping will be fantastic.

Kong: Skull Island –  This trailer was cool, Kong is huge but the most important part was “From the producers of Godzilla”! King Kong vs. Godzilla with today’s technology is something I have to see right now. Skull Island has a great cast and I’m sure it’s going to be fun but I just want to get through this film, to get to the biggest battle of giants ever!


Doctor Strange – What’s happening in this trailer you ask? I have no idea but it looks awesome. The only thing missing from Inception was that glorious red cape, so I don’t see how Doctor Strange can fail. Mads Mikkelsen has been one of my favorite actors for a while now and he’s going to have a really strong end to the year and out of all the characters in this film, he’s the one I’m most excited for. I don’t think Marvel has made a horrible film yet, so I have no reason to doubt them with Doctor Stranger, I can’t wait!


Brie Larson is Captain Marvel 1-brie-larson

Also coming out of the Marvel panel at Comic Con was the confirmation that Brie Larson is Captain Marvel and I think she’s the perfect choice. I know people wanted Katee Sackoff or Emily Blunt but as far as talented actresses go, there’s not many as talent as Brie Larson. Marvel in the past have chosen excellent actors/actresses over a proven action star and it’s worked out before and I’m very confident it will work out with Brie Larson. The fact they’ve announced her casting this far out from her 2019 solo film, means she has to pop up in the Infinity War films before her standalone, similar to Black Panther and Spider-Man in Civil War. Among film nerds Brie Larson has been someone we’ve been watching for a while, now she’s going to blow up and become a star.


Han Solo Trilogy

New York Daily News is reporting that Disney have signed the new Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich, to a three-picture deal. Personally, I don’t think this means we’re getting three Han Solo films but rather if Disney want to, they can put him in other films in the future. Disney have also been know to sign up their actors in big franchise to multiple film deals, just in case they do want to use them later but that doesn’t mean they necessarily will. I really hope they don’t make a trilogy of Han films because I’m still not sold on one. I was however coming around on the fact that Han Solo is a fan favorite and this film was probably inevitable but if they are make three, when are they planning on making other original Star Wars stories?



Meryl Streep in Marry Poppins ReturnsIMAX CORPORATION MERYL STREEP

Final topic this week, is Meryl Streep has been added to the Mary Poppins Returns sequel, according to Variety. Meryl Streep is in the top 5 actresses of all time but I still don’t like the idea of revisting Mary Poppins. I love the original film and maybe it’s different for others but for me I know I’m not going to be able to put the previous film behind. I liked Into the Woods but I didn’t think it was amazing and with Rob Marshall directing Streep and Blunt again, I’m just not interested.


That was everything from this week that I found interesting in film news, what do you think about any of the topics above or any I didn’t discuss?

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