Rogue One Trailer

This trailer was awesome! First of all what hit me in the face right away, was the incredible score throughout the entire trailer. If the music used in the trailer is going to be in the film, I can’t wait to hear this score. The cinematography was beautiful, some of the shots composed were breathtaking and the new ships and planets look awesome. It seems as though Rogue One is still very much a war film and this trailer hopefully will silence all the reshoots drama. My only worry is dialogue. I’ve liked almost all the dialogue from the trailers but the lines from the robot K-2SO about odds, was a little to on the nose and Jyn Erso’s line from previous trailers “may the force be with us” really didn’t sit well with me.

I loved this trailer so much I almost forgot about Darth Vader but we did see him and it was cool… I guess. I knew Vader was in this film, I’ve seen his helmet many times and to be honest, I don’t care if we don’t see him until we’re all sat in the cinema on opening night.

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Jason Momoa in The Crow rebootJason_Momoa_Supercon_2014

Mashable are reporting that Jason Momoa is currently in talks to play the lead role in “The Crow” reboot. A gap in my film knowledge is I’ve never seen the original Crow film. So I can’t give an opinion on if Momoa is the right fit to play The Crow but what I can tell you is Jason Momoa is a badass actor. I’m pretty much open to anything he wants to do and just from his presence alone he brings loads of intensity to every role he takes. It would be really cool just to see Momoa in The Crow outfit and with him on board, maybe this reboot will finally get going.


Antoine Fuqua circling the Scarface remake

Antoine Fuqua is currently circling the “Scarface” remake, according to Deadline. First of all the 1983 “Scarface” was a remake of the 1932 “Scarface”, so a new remake in the next couple of years is fine by me. As for Antoine Fuqua I’m not completely sold on. He’s made some great films like “Training Day” and “The Equalizer” but he’s also made films like “Southpaw”, “Olympus has fallen” and “King Arthur”. I’m really interested to see who they cast as Tony Montana but I’d rather see a more consistent director behind the camera.


Brie Larson directorial debut1-brie-larson

THR is reporting that Brie Larson is set to make her directorial debut with the comedy “Unicorn Store”. For a while now I’ve been a huge fan of Brie Larson and after “Room” she’s broke out and getting huge opportunities. I don’t know how talented she could be as a director but from watching several interviews with Larson, I can tell she’s very passionate about film, so why not give directing a go. She has done comedy before so this isn’t completely new ground for Larson but originally Rebel Wilson was attached to star, so “Unicorn Store” probably will be a different kind of film for Brie Larson.


Narnia reboot 

Deadline is reporting that the Narnia series is being resurrected with an adaptation of the sixth book in the series “The Silver Chair”. This is going to be a reboot with an all new cast and I’m actually excited to see a new attempt at theses stories. I love the C.S. Lewis books and although I liked the previous three films, they didn’t live up to the books and I want to see a new cast tackle these characters. Just take the entire cast of “Stranger Things” and cast them in this film. It could be a disaster and waste of time but I’m holding out hope that Narnia could still be an excellent franchise.



That’s all the film news this week I found interesting, what did you think of the topics I discussed or any other news stories I missed?

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