Holy Shit!! Daenerys and Tywin in the same room… why is no one doing something about this!?

Me Before You stars, Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Terminator Genisys), Sam Claflin (Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Janet McTeer (Tideland, Tumbleweeds), Charles Dance (The Imitation Game, Alien 3) and is the directorial debut of Thea Sharrock.

When Will Traynor (Clarke) is hit by a motorcycle and becomes paralyzed, Lou Clark (Clarke) is hired to care for him. The two of them form a bond in a romantic, tear-jerker tale.

OK, so this film kinda pissed me off. Before I get to why this film should have never been made, I do have some positives. Emilia Clarke I found to be extremely likable. I can see why people would find her annoying or Clarke’s performance forced but for me it worked. The adorable, quirky girl she was going for, was very in your face but I thought she was enjoyable and I cared for the character throughout the film. I do however wish Emilia Clarke would choose better film to be apart of because she’s so talented and I don’t want her to only be remember for Game of Thrones.

Sam Claflin also gives a strong performance, with a character who’s very complex. This wasn’t an easy role to take on and despite what I may think about the films choices later on, Claflin handled all those moments better than many actor would have. His chemistry with Emilia Clarke was excellent and because of that they have some really funny scenes and they’re a pleasant couple to watch. Last thing before I start destroying this film, if you’ve seen the trailers and you just want a sappy, romantic story to cry at, you will get that with this film but if you’re looking for a story that really tackles this subject matter… stay away from this one!

To completely give my thoughts on the film I do have to discuss some plot points that are spoilers but the trailers pretty much spell it out for you anyway. So if you don’t want to know any spoilers I would stop reading now.

Me Before You is a fluffy, light romance film but it still tries to deal with very complicated and difficult subject matter. If you don’t know, Claflin’s character who’s paralyzed, decides he doesn’t want to live anymore and essentially want to commit suicide through euthanasia. For years people have been debating the ethics behind euthanasia and still no one has an answer. So it’s a very delicate subject and to avoid upsetting a lot of people you have to be very careful with it, not center a whimsical romance around it. This film doesn’t treat the topic with any respect and actually hides what should be a very serious discussion, with a loud soundtrack of sad songs to make you cry and forget how offensive the film is.

If that doesn’t offend you, than the cliches and predictability will. After 10 minutes you’ll know where the story’s going, you’ll know where each character will end up and you’ll swear you’ve seen this film before a thousand times. There’s literally a scene where Claflin is looking out a rainy window, with a somber look on his face, whilst sad music plays. I’ve seen that exact scene made fun of, more times than it seriously portrayed.

I’m going to go into full spoiler territory now because I need to talk about how unbelievable this ending is. Claflin goes through with the euthanasia and dies at the end of the film but he gives Emilia Clarke loads of his money, so she can live a better life than he could. The message this film puts out is, if you’re disabled, kill yourself, give your money to someone who can walk and live a better life than you. It’s ridiculous that this ending was allowed to happen. I can’t imagine being recently paralyzed and watching this film, it would put you in such a horrible mindset, without offering any alternative and that’s where this film ultimately fails…

…It portrays one disabled person and one option. The way they explain why Claflin wants to end his life, makes sense. The problem is that they never show that there’s other ways, the film never shows that you can live a good life despite your circumstances. There are thousands of disabled people living fulfilling, wonderful lives and I completely understand why they have been upset and offended by this film. When a film, TV show or book comes out and causes an uproar of controversy and offence, I’m usually the guy that thinks it’s a gross overreaction but Me Before You blew me away by how disgusting it was.


Have you seen Me Before You and what did you think of it?

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