There’s not really anything coming out this week I wanted to center a Top Ten around, so I decided to make the hardest list possible. I went back and forth with many choices, I moved films around but I’ve managed to settle on a list of my favorite ten films.


The King of Comedy (1982)the-king-of-comedy

I’ve mentioned this film a few times now as one of my favorite films that no one talks about. The King of Comedy is a spectacular Dark Comedy and I think Robert De Niro’s best performance. The role reversal of De Niro and Jerry Lewis is fascinating to watch them interact and The King of Comedy is relevant even more today, than it was in 1982.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)Terminator 2 - 2

As far as action films go, it doesn’t get any better than Terminator 2. The first film is near perfect, yet the sequel still managed to be leaps and bounds better, by furthering the characters and story like any good sequel should. Sarah Connor became an even bigger badass than Arnold and Arnold became a realised character you cared for. The action still to this day holds up and every time it’s on TV I get sucked in and watch the whole thing.   


Psycho (1960)4016

A few years back I got hooked on Hitchcock films and it all started with Psycho. Horror isn’t really a genre I gravitate to but Psycho is a film I’ve watched over and over. Anthony Perkins gives one of my favorite performances ever as Norman Bates and the rest of the cast is filled with excellent actors from that time. “The Master of Suspense”, Alfred Hitchcock never made a more tense, terrifying film with the way he moves the camera. The Bates Motel setting, along with intense score, creates the most heart pounding film ever.  


Toy Story 3 (2010)toystory3_img11_720.jpg

It’s rare that a trilogy of films comes along and it’s hard to decipher which one is your favorite. I could have put any of the three films on this list but ultimately I settled for Toy Story 3. I’ve never seen an animated film, been so connected to the characters and so emotionally connected to the story. I was at the perfect age seeing these films, with every one I grew up with Andy too. So Toy Story 3 was a formative experience, of letting go of my childhood and what I hoped would be my farewell to this series (please don’t make a fourth Pixar).  


The Godfather (1972)the-godfather-1

The big debate among film fans has always been what’s better, The Godfather or The Godfather 2. I love both but for me its always been The Godfather. The character growth of both Vito and Michael Corleone and where they end up at the end of this film, is a story I can and have watched, hundreds of times. You can’t take your eyes of the dynamic, yet quiet performance of Marlon Brando and the presence he has on screen is powerful. A lot of the films on this list are what I consider to be the best in their genre and The Godfather is the true masterpiece of gangster films.  


American Psycho (2000)american-psycho-patrick-bateman

I like a Dark Comedy and American Psycho is as dark and as funny as it gets. This character study of Patrick Bateman is hilarious, scary and very strange. This is probably the film on the list I quote the most often and annoy people with Patrick Bateman monologues. Williem Dafoe gives an underrated performance as Detective Kimball, Jared Leto plays the unforgettable Paul Allen and Huey Lewis and the News play a very interesting role. Christian Bale is among my top 5 actors but by far Bateman and this film is his all time best.     


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011)HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2

I’m currently reviewing all the Harry Potter films and spoiler alert, I love this one! This series built to many moments throughout all the films but it was all building toward this one epic finale. Except maybe number 1 on this list, no franchise has ever had a more satisfying conclusion, with all your favorite heroes and villains coming together for one huge climax. The Harry Potter films took up 10 glorious years of my life and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ended that time with a huge, magical explosion of greatness.  


The Dark Knight (2008)The_Dark_Knight_WPs___Batman___by_GavDude

I feel like I manage to get The Dark Knight on to every list but this is the first time it hasn’t been number one. There’s not much left to say about this film that no one has said before but what I can say, is that I’ve seen it probably the most times than any other film on this list and it never gets old. The drama, the action, the dynamic between Batman and The Joker, everything in this film is perfect. Nolan is in the top 5 working directors without question and The Dark Knight is his crown jewel.    


Pulp Fiction (1994)pulpfiction

I’m pretty sure I’ve gone all this time, on this blog without ever mentioning Pulp Fiction once! Well it’s my second favorite film of all time and like all the films on this list, I’ve seen it more times than I can remember. Just two nights ago I was going to watch the Olympics but Pulp Fiction was on and I ended up watching the entire film. It doesn’t matter what chapter, what scene this film is instantly engaging. The classic Tarantino dialogue, the deep cast, the constant twist and turns, Pulp Fiction has everything you could possibly want in a film.


The Lord of the RingsMtdoom

The Lord of the Rings trilogy to me is one whole film and it’s without a doubt my all time favorite. The characters, the story, the action, dialogue, the score, it has every film beat in every aspect. It upped the visual effects game with the battles, Ents and of course Gollum. There isn’t another score like Howard Shore’s, that puts me right back into a world anytime I hear a song. I was 6 years old when I first saw Fellowship of the Ring I watched every minute of that film and I was blown away then and it still captures my imagination like nothing else today. I need to review all of these films in the future because I could ramble on about Lord of the Rings forever but for now it will have to do with being my number one film of all time.   


Next Week –  Top Ten David Cronenberg Films

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