Deathstroke test footage released by Ben Affleck 

WOW, this looks awesome. I’m a hug fan of Deathstroke and on Monday Ben Affleck released what appears to be test footage of the Batman villain, Deathstroke. This is a great character but what I hope happens is he’s saved for the solo Batman film. The Justice League film does not need anymore characters so unless it’s a two minute scene, just let him shine as the main antagonist for Batman. As for casting, Tom Hardy has shown interesting in coming back to the DC Universe and I think he would be a perfect fit.


Zombieland 2 happening?

On an episode of “Geeking Out” Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, announced they are working on a sequel to their 2009 cult hit Zombieland, with the original cast on board. Quality aside, I can’t see this film being successful box office-wise. By the time it comes out, we could be 8 or 9 years apart from the original and I don’t know if the general public will be interested. I really enjoyed Zombieland so I would be intrigued to see these characters again but I don’t know if it’s necessary.

Beauty and the Beast 

A Beauty and the Beast sneak peak clip was released but it didn’t really show anything, so I want to just discuss the images Disney put out. The two images released were of Lumière, Cogsworth and Luke Evan’s Gaston. I love everything I’m seeing from this film. Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s best films ever and with their last two live-action films (not including that stupid Alice in Wonderland sequel), I can’t help but be excited. These images only get me more pumped, despite not really being anything. It’s just shots of characters we already know but it just looks so perfect and I think Disney are going to knock this re-imagining out the park.


Jumanji Concept Art

I’ve been looking forward to this film a lot. I love the original Jumanji and The Rock can do no wrong… or so I thought. I still can’t wait to see this film but this picture looks awful. Not only does it look like Indiana ‘The Rock’ Jones but he doesn’t look like a real person, the Photoshop is atrocious. It is out of context and maybe if he comes out of the Jumanji board like characters did in the original, it will fit more but right now this image looks stupid. ZZ740147E6.jpg

RIP Gene Wilder 

Finally this week I have to end by mentioning the heartbreaking passing of Gene Wilder. This news upset me because Wilder was a huge part of my childhood. For so long I only knew him as Willy Wonka and that film was one I watched over and over again as a kid, mainly because of how captivating his performance was. It wasn’t until a few years back I started to discover his masterful work with Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, where he shined as a true comic genius. The scene in Stir Crazy when the judge tells Wilder and Pryor their sentence, has me in tears of hysterical laughter every time. He was so talented and he will be deeply missed by everyone.



That’s everything in film news this week that caught my attention . What do you think about any of the topics I discussed or any I didn’t from this week?

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