The Nice Guys stars, Russel Crowe (Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind), Ryan Gosling (Drive, The Big Short), Angourie Rice (Walking with Dinosaurs, Transmission), Matt Bomer (White Collar, In Time) and is written & directed by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3),

In 1970s Los Angeles a pair of private eye detectives come together to solve the mystery of a dead adult film actress, a missing a girl and many other shenanigans.

Biggest mistake I’ve made in film this year, was not going to see The Nice Guys in cinemas, oh man, I loved this film! So far 2016 has been a mixed bag but there has been some amazing gems. For the most part all the big Comic Book films have been OK but the films that have blown me away have been the smaller ones like Sing Street, 10 Cloverfield Lane and now The Nice Guys. The trailers and cast were both great, I’m a huge Shane Black fan, so I don’t know why it took me so long to finally see The Nice Guys but now I have, I can’t wait to watch it over and over again.

The cast is brilliant and everyone gives strong performances but what I want to mention first is the real star of the show, Shane Black. The more I watch Iron Man 3, the more I like it and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is an awesome film but The Nice Guys has by far beat both them films and become my favorite of his. Black’s writing is what drives this film and constantly makes it interesting to watch. Just when it’s getting too funny, you get a big action scene and then when it gets too silly, Black manages to pull it back in with a heartwarming, touching scene. I never knew what was coming and it kept me on my toes throughout.


Along with Black’s relentless writing, comes his sharp humor. This film had me gut-busting laughing constantly. Black’s dialogue, with Crowe and Goslings chemistry create one of the best pairing I’ve seen in a really long time. The dialogue is so quick and so witty, you never get a boring moment. I knew Shane Black could write funny films but I didn’t realize how funny The Nice Guys was going to be. Seriously, this isn’t a straight comedy but it’s been far above every comedy that’s come out in 2016.

Shane Black’s writing is superb but you need the right actors to perform those perfect words and he had some really great ones. Ryan Gosling has had some criticism in the past but I’ve always thought he was an excellent actor and he showed huge comedic chops in this film. His timing is impeccable, he plays a great drunk and his chemistry with Russel Crowe was a joy to watch. That brings me to Russel Crowe who I’m not always a huge fan of but he matched Gosling as they went back and forth throughout this film. Not enough people went to see this film (unfortunately I’m apart of those morons) so I don’t think we’re getting a sequel but man, I want to see another 2 hours with these two.

The Nice Guys 1

The other member of this cast who shined, was Angourie Rice who played Goslings daughter. A lot of times child actors can bring a film down but when they’re good, you can get gold. Rice is fantastic in this role and had some of the biggest laugh out loud moments. She had a really nice father-daughter relationship that brought a strong amount of emotion to the film and she also had a similar, pleasant relationship with Crowe’s character.

I had seen the trailers and knew I was getting funny, likable heroes (I guess they’re heroes) but what I wasn’t expecting was more than one enjoyable villain. I can’t go into all of them for spoiler reasons but I can still discuss Matt Bomer and Keith David. Keith David has a relatively small role, yet he still stuck out in my head and I like seeing him pop up in anything. Matt Bomer plays a hitman and he’s awesome. He carries himself in such a cool fashion and again like everyone else in this film, he’s has hilarious scenes. I could see a spinoff franchise of just his adventures.

If you’ve seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, then you know Shane Black can write a mystery. I loved watching and trying to work out the case, Gosling and Crowe were involved in. The way it unravels keeps you constantly on your toes and guessing as to which way it will go. A film like this gives you reason to go back and watch it several times, to find clues and dig deep once you know the outcome. I’ve only seen it once but I think the story will hold up to multiple viewings, even when you know how it ends.

Finally what brings this whole film together is the 70s. As someone born in 1996, I never came close to living in the 1970s but it’s always a fun time to visit in film. The setting, the fashion, the music and the mustaches are all on point. The Nice Guys didn’t need to be set in a different decade but it adds an immediate panache and another level of style to one of my top 3 films of 2016 so far.


Have you seen The Nice Guys and what did you think of it?

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