Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire stars, Daniel Radcliffe (The Woman in Black, Horns), Rupert Grint (Driving your local bus), Emma Watson (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Noah), Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Remember Me) and is directed by Mike Newell (Donnie Brasco, Four Weddings and a Funeral).

This year Hogwarts is hosting the dangerous Triwizard Tournament and mysteriously Harry is entered into the competition. Unwillingly he has to compete, whilst the presence of Dark Magic hangs over the school.

We’re 4 films in now and although we haven’t got to the David Yates final stretch of films, the series has set into its stride. The tone is set and Goblet flows perfectly from Prisoner of Azkaban. Goblet of Fire doesn’t rank right at the top of my list of HP films but I sure do love it.

All the Harry Potter films kick off with an awesome opening and one of the best happens in Goblet of Fire. Since the first film, Quidditch always fascinated me and the idea of The Quidditch World cup is genius. I remember watching this film as a kid and desperately wanting it to be a real event. Also the introduction of the Death Eaters was great. From Prisoner of Azkaban on, the villains are scary and the Death Eaters are badass, intimidating figures when they show up in this film. The evolution of Dark Magic in this opening Quidditch match, expanded the world in huge way with the Death Eaters and the inventive Dark Mark in the sky.

HP4 GF 2

Along with the Dark Magic, we yet again see evolution in the emotion, as Harry and his friends aged. This film is the first time we see hints at romance and what could possibly blossom in later films. Everything with the Yule Ball is cute, funny and true to teenage romance in real life. Now just thinking about the Ball, I’m going to be walking around all day singing “Do The Hippogriff”…. love that song!

Every year at Hogwarts we see new teachers (almost every time it’s a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher) and just like Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire gave us another one of my favorite characters, Mad-Eye Moody. I love all the actors in this series but in this film, Brendan Gleeson is chewing scenery and acting circles around everyone, with his portrayal of the famous Auror. Again with his lesson about The Unforgivable Curses, we see more built upon the idea of Dark Magic and in this film we get the first real taste, that an evil Wizard can be very dangerous. Just like Sirius Black, Lupin and most of the teachers who come and go, I wish we saw so much more of Mad-Eye, he could tell stories that would curl even your greasy hair boy.

HP4 GF 1

The big center point of this film is the Triwizard Tournament. There’s three stages, all increasingly dangerous and the winner wins the Triwizard Cup. It’s great way to tie together everything that’s happening in this film and all the stages are excellent. I remember the final stage, The Maze, being much more elaborate in the book so I was slightly disappointed by the film adaptation but really it’s all about that ending. Which brings me to one of the greatest scenes in the Harry Potter franchise.

I can’t review this film without discussing the final scene so this next paragraph will contain spoilers for the end of The Goblet of Fire.

Dark Magic is the theme of this film and it’s all building toward the ressurection of the most evil dark sorcerer of all time, Lord Voldemort. I really like this film but the finale to it makes it an amazing watch. First of all the killing of Cedric Diggory is, up to that point, extremely violent for Harry Potter. It’s the first time we see someone killed by the Killing Curse (although if you go back, Lucius was totally going to kill Harry at the end of Chamber) and it’s like Cedric is shot by a gun. Then seeing Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort is glorious. The way he moves, speaks, yells, looks, it’s all perfect. His battle with Harry is intense and beautiful to watch, the colours pop right out of the screen. There’s another battle later that beats this one but this and the later one, are two of the best fights ever put on screen. Marvel has beaten DC to a lot of things but one of them needs to grab Ralph Fiennes soon for a villain role, cause that guy is magnificent.

I have a couple of complaints with this film but they’re not major. Overall The Goblet of Fire gives us new information that we need but the entire film is just a plot device to get to the end. So the story isn’t that relevant until the ending. This film to me, is a lot more character driven and I see it in the same way I see The Half-Blood Prince, more character than story, until the final act.

Another small thing that’s always bothered me is “Grumpy Ron”. Twice in the series “Grumpy Ron” makes an appearance and the second time I can accept it a bit more but in this film it annoys me. After everything he and Harry have been through, I don’t believe Ron would ever think Harry would want the attention, putting his name in The Goblet of Fire would cause. Maybe I just don’t like seeing them fight but as they make up pretty quickly anyway, it seems pointless.

Well that’s the fourth film and year covered for Harry Potter and yet again it’s a good one (because there isn’t a bad one). Dark Magic is great, Mad-Eye is the best and that final scene is perfection.


Have you seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and if so, what do you think about it?

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