Every week I’m getting more and more tired of Ray Donovan season 4. I don’t care about anything they’re doing this season and I can’t wait for the finale next week, so we can start a brand new story next year. This weeks episode, we saw Ray making a deal with Dmitri, despite Sonia warning him not to, Mickey played ping pong and Hector dealt with the aftermath of his sister’s death.

Every episode Ray’s storyline is always the most interesting and it was this week although it didn’t have much competition. FBI agent Frank Barnes returned and offered Ray another way out of the Dmitri situation. Ray didn’t turn this week but I’m thinking he will in the finale because it seems like the only way out of the mess he’s in. His plan to pay Dmitri off, would be ridiculous if it actually works. Along with Barnes, Sonia returned and she’s gone full ‘snitch’, so hopeful next Sunday, we’ll see all these parts come together and at least get an intense conclusion to a pretty boring season.


Towards the latter half of this episode, Ray got Avi back but he’s not looking too good. I’m happy they didn’t kill him off (yet), Avi is my favorite character on the show and I want to see Steven Bauer more. Also I love him and Lena’s back and forth, it usually creates the most humor. I hope Lena get’s a badass revenge moment next week cause you could tell, she was not too fond of Dmitri.

So that brings me to Dmitri. As far as the bad guys go, I don’t think you’re ever going to beat James Woods in season 1 but Dmitri, has got to be the lamest, most boring Russian mob boss ever. I know he’s playing nice and waiting for the right time to kill Ray but right now he’s not intimidating, powerful, evil or even funny. When James Woods came into the show, he brought life and excitement, Dmitri has zapped any energy this show was clinging to. The quicker he dies next week, the better, even Belikov was a thousand times better than this guy.


Terry’s story has been all over the place this season. First he takes on a disgruntled kid at the gym, then he’s training Hector, he was seeing a cop and now they might be foreshadowing his death. I like Terry, Eddie Marson does a great job but I don’t think the writers have ever known what to do with this character. I mean, last season he had a weird romance thing with Abby and then they dropped it like it never happened. Terry has been pulled in so many directions over these 4 seasons, I wouldn’t be surprised if they kill him because that’s all they have left to do.


At the start of this season I was excited and intrigued to see where they would go with Hector. He’s a very trouble person and there was a lot you could have done with the character. Instead he come and goes, has probably only be in just over half the episodes and it feels like his story is being wrapped up, so we can get to something else. With one episode left, Hector has been a big waste of time and the character has turned out to be really dull. He sits around and sulks every time we see him and then after he killed his sister last week, I had zero reason to like him. Like Dmitri, I’m counting down the minutes to Hector’s departure from the show.

Finally my favorite aspect and really the only parts I enjoyed was Mickey. Even when every thing else is shit, you know you’ll get some laughs out of Mickey. This week he was playing ping pong, so he could make a 2 million dollar bet. It is Mickey and the fact he never told Ray how he made the bets, I’m sure it’s all going to go wrong and before you know it the Russian are going to be coming for all of them, hopefully it gets exciting… please!

Ray Donovan continues to be the DC of television, great characters and acting, horrible writing and stories. This has almost become and anthology show, with new villains and a different story every season and with that I’ve found the quality of each one has been up and down. So I’m hopeful that after the finale next week, Ray Donovan season 5 might take a turn into something worth watching next year.

What did you think about this weeks episode of Ray Donovan?

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