The posters for this film are out of control!

Star Trek Beyond stars, Chris Pine (Star Trek, Unstoppable), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Heroes), Idris Elba (Pacific Rim, Thor), Sofia Boutella (Kingsman, StreetDance 2) and is directed by Justin Lin (Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6).

After receiving a distress signal, The USS Enterprise and its crew get tangled up in a trap set up by a new villain, Krall (Elba). Kirk and the crew are split-up on a unfamiliar planet and must come together to stop Krall’s evil plan.

Both Jason Bourne and Star Trek Beyond got lost in the shuffle for me this summer and I missed them both. Well, I haven’t seen Bourne yet but I’ve now seen Star Trek Beyond and it’s really good. I’m not a massive Star Trek fan, I’ve seen some episodes from the original series but I loved the first two J. J. Abrams film, so I don’t why this film wasn’t on the top of my list to go see in the cinema. I’ve seen it now and although I prefer the previous two films to this one, Star Trek Beyond is well worth your time.

First of all, director Justin Lin and Simon Pegg (who wrote the majority of this script) did a wonderful job paying their respects to Leonard Nimoy, who unfortunately passed away last year. They used his death in the film but in a respectful way, that honored both the character and Nimoy himself. Also, it was painful watching Anton Yelchin who tragically passed away earlier this year. He was a tremendous talent and gone far too soon.

OK. Lets get into Star Trek Beyond.

It’s been a few years since we last saw the crew of the Enterprise but they’re all back and yet again, everyone is awesome. The previous two films delved into the relationship between Kirk and Spock, which is great but we’ve seen that developed. This time around different interactions between characters were explored. We see more from Uhura & Spock, Scotty & Kirk but nothing is better than Spock & Bones. There are portion of this film where Spock & Bones are stranded together and the dialogue back and forth is hilarious. For me, Bones has always been the unsung hero of the J. J. Abrams Star Trek universe and in Beyond he shines brighter then ever. Everyone’s performances are solid but Zachary Quinto proves again that he’s just on another level. Spock is such a difficult character to play, especially the humor. In the wrong hands, it could come across stupid and fall flat but Quinto nails it, almost as well as Nimoy.

There’s one new character who stole the show. Sofia Boutella coming off Kingsman, comes into this film and is even more awesome. She’s badass, funny and immediately clicked with the rest of the cast. In particular she spends most of the film with Scotty and they have a delightful relationship. Boutella is showing incredible potential as not only an action star but she gives a strong acting performance, lets get her into a comic book franchise, come on Marvel or DC!


The first two rebooted Star Trek films were funny but Beyond… well goes beyond the previous films. I guess it was Simon Pegg’s writing (the guy’s pretty funny), this film has some big laugh moments. They all come from the dialogue between characters because this cast since the beginning has had excellent chemistry and they bounce of each other so well. I know this film didn’t do as well financially as the other two but they still better make another one, I could happily watch another 6 films with these actors.

With Justin Lin directing you knew one thing was for sure, exciting action. There are some brilliant set pieces and well put together space battles but my favorite was the motorbike scene everyone got upset with in the trailer. I was one of them, confused as to why Kirk would be riding an obviously normal motorbike, in the future, on some crazy planet. Well never judge a film by its trailer. I will say though, as much as I enjoyed the big action scenes, I don’t think Lin handled the hand to hand, fisticuffs fights all that well. One of the best scenes in Into Darkness, is the Spock and Khan (spoilers) fight and nothing lived up to that or even come close this time around. The sets, costumes and makeup however, perfecto!


I know there’s a lot of people who didn’t like Star Trek Into Darkness but you can’t deny that score is beautiful. Michael Giacchino hit it out of the park once again. I didn’t realise quite how much I loved the score for Beyond until I started to listen to it whilst writing this review and it’s just amazing. The main theme he’s used for all three films still gets me pumped up every time and the films worth watching for the music that plays during the credits alone. Also the Beastie Boys song Sabotage that played in the trailer, the one everyone moaned about, it’s used in the best way possible. Never judge a film by its trailer.

So I did really like this film but it wasn’t without its flaws. The overall story is very basic. There’s not much to it other than bad guy wants to get the McGuffin so he can do bad things, good guys must stop him. Granted the entertainment comes from the characters not the story in this film but I still needed something more to get me completely invested. You don’t really get anything to sink your teeth into and ultimately the events of this film are pointless.

The 2009 Star Trek had a terrible villain, you can’t remember him and that’s fine because nobody else can too. Then Into Darkness gave us Benedict Cumberbatch and everything was right in the world. So when they announced Idris Elba was playing the villain, I thought great, this can’t possibly go wrong… it kinda did. Elba is in no way forgettable, his presence and voice makes sure of that but the character is weak. He gets no development for the first 2/3 and when they finally try to go places with him, it feels to late. He’s not the worse villain I’ve seen all year (looking at you Enchantress) but far from the best.

Overall, Star Trek Beyond was a really solid film. Like I said, I like the previous two more but I can see myself watching this one the most out of the three. It’s a really funny, easy film to watch. Bring on the fourth one!


Have you seen Star Trek Beyond and what did you think about it?

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