This week I didn’t feel like doing a normal TTT based on a film coming out this week or related to anything at all, so I’m counting down my ten favorite Game of Thrones characters. Honestly, this was the hardest list I’ve ever made. I wrote down 32 characters and sat for 30 minutes trying to order them. Also I made this list based of the TV show not the books and if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, I don’t know why you clicked on this because there will be spoilers.




Game of Thrones is full of horrible, nasty people but Bronn is the most likable guy ever. He serves as comedic relief a lot of time but when he’s paired up with another character he always brings out the best in them too. Speaking of the pairings, Bronn has been chucked together with many people and he has chemistry with all of them. Secretly I wanted to put Bronn as number 1.


Tywin Lannister


With any show or film, I love villains. In Game of Thrones you can find the best villains in any media and Tywin was one of the greatest. Charles Dance had a presence on screen that every bad guy should have and every time he entered a room you knew he was in charge. I was sad when he was killed but it was the perfect death for someone so regal.


Ned Stark


I miss Ned. In typical Sean Bean fashion, Ned was killed off far too soon but the time he spent on Game of Thrones was awesome. Similar to Bronn, Ned is a guy you can’t help but love, maybe even to the point of disliking him. Sean Bean killed it in this role and within 9 episodes became one of the most iconic characters in television.


Arya Stark


If I had made this list at the end of season 4, without a doubt Arya would have been in the top 3. I haven’t been overly pleased with Arya’s storyline but I still think the character is badass. In the earlier seasons the contrast between Arya and Sansa (who was unbearable) made Arya cool, badass and so much fun to watch. Now with all the tragedy that has fallen upon her, she’s become one of the easiest characters to root for, although you can say that for any of the Starks.


Daenerys Targaryen


She has 3 Dragons, do I need to say any more? Seriously though, Dany hatching the Dragons at the end of Season 1 is one of the greatest moments in TV history, you know you’re doing something right when no one even realised there was a naked Emilia Clarke on their screen. The best aspect of Daenerys and why she’s one of my favorites, is because she’s flawed. We see time and time again that she doesn’t always get things right the first time and a lot of the time she screws things up. For a lady who rides a Dragon, she’s very relatable.


Cersei Lannister


Now jumping across the Narrow Sea, we come to the woman currently ruling Westeros. I think every season since season 2 I thought Cersei was going to die. Through selfishness, stupidity and resilience she manages to get herself in horrible situations but somehow always come out on top. The fact she now sits on the Iron Throne is crazy. Although I wouldn’t want to be friends with Cersei in real life, you can’t help but admire her strength and for that alone she’s a great character.


Joffrey Baratheon (Lannister)


Like I said, I love the villains and there was no other villain as enjoyable and painful to watch as Joffrey. Jack Gleeson was super underrated as Joffrey and should have won let alone be nominated, for multiple Emmys. He had to portray a character you hated, a character you didn’t want to watch but not in a way that would negatively affect the show. When he finally met his end it was the most glorious thing you’ll ever see. Game of Thrones has made me want to see several children die… and I’m OK with that.


Tyrion Lannister


Choosing an order for these next 3 was almost impossible. Tyrion is the number 1 fan favorite and for good reasons. For starters he’s an underdog and everyone loves an underdog. Then when you have Peter Dinklage portraying him, with the perfectly written dialogue, delivered in a way on Dinklage could, it’s a master recipe for success. Tyrion has already done so many great things and with two seasons left, he has opportunities to do so much more coming back over to Westeros. I can’t wait for next season!  


Jon Snow


You know you’re invested in a TV show and character when someone dies and you storm out the room. Before I had time to sit and think about the Jon Snow death, I was so enraged when watching that episode that I literally got out of my chair and had to pace around the house. The dude is the best! He’s the Aragorn of Game of Thrones, cool, tough and out of everyone on the show, every guy wants to be Jon Snow. I loved both Ned and Rob but for me Jon Snow is the perfect mix of both of them and makes the ultimate Stark.   


Petyr Baelish


Dinklage is great, Jon Snow is as cool as any character can get but in the end the number one spot on this list came down to the best written character, Petyr Baelish. The genius behind Baelish still blows my mind, this entire show is happening because of him! When it was revealed that he told Lysa Arryn to kill Jon Arryn my head exploded and Baelish has been my number one character on the show ever since. He’s manipulative in a way I still get tricked by, 6 seasons in. I honestly don’t know if he has any feelings for Sansa or if it was all just to get the throne. His constant unpredictability makes him completely engaging and I’m calling it now, there is no way that at the end of this show, Baelish doesn’t have his mitts on the Iron Throne one way or another.


Honorable Mentions 

Jaime Lannister

Brienne of Tarth

Ramsay Bolton

Sansa Stark

Margaery Tyrell

Khal Drogo


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