Yay Wedge, wait… do we care?

I liked this episode, it’s just hard to follow up those previous two. There was a lot of really good stuff this week and a couple of complaints but overall season 3 of Rebels is starting off on a high note.

I love space battles. Rebels has given us many dogfights and in The Antilles Extraction we got some cool ones. I will never get tired of watching TIE Fighters whizz around in space, shooting at each other and it was extra awesome seeing Wedge in one too. We saw a few times last season that although this is DisneyXD, they’re not afraid to kill. Pilots were going down throughout this episode and they didn’t shy away from showing the explosions. It just proves again, that yes, this is a children’s show but Star Wars Rebels is for all Star Wars fans.


This week primarily focused on Sabine. We knew Sabine was going to be developed more this season and so far I love it. Just being a Mandalorian instantly makes you the most badass character and this week she showed it. She was on a solo mission, it was all on her shoulders and she pulled it off. I had an issue with the fight she had with Governor Pryce but what I did like, was that it showed how tough Sabine was and when it comes to a fight, shes the last person you want to go after. From the clips they showed at Celebration this year, we’ve still got loads more to come from Sabine and I can’t wait to see it.

Hands down my favorite moment from this episode, Agent Kallus. Last season he showed signs of his doubt in the Empire (in that awesome episode ‘The Honorable Ones’) and again they’re hinting towards his turn to the Rebellion. At first when he turned up, I thought he was going to join the Rebels right then but they’re taking their time with this character and building towards his turn, something Star Wars hasn’t always done *cough* Anakin *cough*. It’s also possible Kallus is Fulcrum but I don’t think he’s turned completely, to be giving the Rebels information.


Another character I enjoyed this week was the new Imperial pilot, Vult Skerris. If I’m remembering correctly, I don’t think we’ve ever delve into an Imperial pilot outside a TIE Fighter and that’s interesting to me. Vult seems like an old school dude and even if we don’t find out anything more about him, you know he’s going to return at some point in a battle and add a little more meaning to a fight.

OK, so we saw the Rebels debut of Wedge Antilles. I was at Celebration and like everyone else in the room, when I saw him in the trailer I cheered but seeing him this week I realised I don’t care about Wedge. I know it’s blasphemy to say anything negative about the original trilogy but come on, Wedge was just a side-character if that. I found him pretty generic and boring in this episode and just like seeing Mon Mothma in the Rogue One trailer, I only got excited because I knew the character. Despite the title, I’m happy this was a Sabine episode and didn’t focus on Wedge.

In the season 3 premiere we saw a new character, Governor Pryce. I didn’t know how big of a role she would play this season but we saw this week she could replace Kallus, if he does become a Rebel. I like the character, she was a badass, she had a smart plan but then they ruined it. A major problem with 22 episodes is that it’s a lot of times the Rebels are going to beat the Empire and I thought the fight between Pryce and Sabine could have been handled better. This was the first time we saw Pryce in a powerful role and she was knocked unconscious, looking pretty weak. I think you could have had Sabine escape in a different way or even just have her win the fight but not by making Pryce an easy foe. More than anything though, this will ruin the character…

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I liked episode 3 quite a lot and it was inevitable that we would get a less exciting episode eventually. Although I had complaints they’re only small ones and didn’t affect the episode as a whole.

What did you think of this weeks Star Wars Rebels?

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