Casting rumors began last week and now it’s confirmed, Johnny Depp is playing the Dark Wizard Grindelwald, in the upcoming ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ sequel.

Whilst speaking to The Leaky Cauldron, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ director David Yates and producer David Heyman, gave details about casting Johnny Depp,

“We filmed early,” they both said. “I was amazed,” Heyman added.”It was completely bonkers. I was convinced it [would be leaked] you can keep very few secrets nowadays, especially something like that! When he came to Leavesden and we filmed for two days…and it didn’t come out. That’s mad.”

Heyman explained, “Grindelwald is an iconic character, so it was important to have someone who had that weight. There’s a reason why he has that weight. It’s because, you know, he’s a fine actor who makes unexpected choices.”

I’ve been up and down with Johnny Depp, a lot of downs recently but I’m really excited he’s playing this role. When it was first announced he was in the sequel, fans started speculating about who he was playing and I was nervous it was Dumbledore. So for me this is a relief. Now we know he’s playing essentially the Voldemort of this new series, I’m thrilled.

First of all, when Depp is at his best, he’s one of the best ever, unfortunately he’s only been good a couple of times over the last 10 – 15 years. If you had told me this news early last year, I would have been furious but now I’ve seen ‘Black Mass’, the film Depp did in 2015, when he played notorious gangster Whitey Bulger, I need to see Depp in another villainous role. He was terrifying in ‘Black Mass’ and if he can bring that same fear and intensity to ‘Fantastic Beasts’, Grindelwald is going to be an awesome villain.

Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts trailer? 

If you don’t know, Grindelwald was a Dark Wizard, who like Voldemort, rose to power with a following in 1938 – 1945 and wanted to control the Wizarding World. There’s a whole lot that happened with this character, from a romantic relationship with Dumbledore (who’s also confirmed for the sequel), wanting to obtain all three Deathly Hallows, to having a 3 hour epic duel with Dumbledore. With 5 films, there is so much you can do with Grindelwald and with Depp in the role, as long as we get a good Depp, I think it’s could be something really special.

What do you think about the casting?

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