Over the last month I’ve been really falling behind on film reviews, TV reviews and just posting anything in general. For many reasons that I won’t bore you with, I just haven’t had the time to fully dedicate myself to putting out solid content on a daily basis and part of that is due to my total lack of organisation. So I’ve set up a schedule that I’m going to try my absolute hardest to keep up with but that does mean I’m changing some things about my site.

First of all TV reviews are no longer going to be featured (I wasn’t doing many anyway), except maybe when Game of Thrones comes back. To free up time, I’m probably not going to watch much TV let alone review any.

Top Ten Tuesday isn’t completely going away but it is changing. It will no longer be on Tuesdays and it won’t be a top ten. Twice a week, probably on a Monday and Friday, I’m going to be making top 5 lists. This allows me to write about more topics and make them quick for your reading pleasure.

Like I said, I’ve fallen behind on so many films this year and so I’m going to spend the remainder of 2016, reviewing as many new 2016 films and the ones I’ve missed. The goal is to have reviewed the majority of the biggest and most praised films by the end of December and have a clean slate to not miss anything next year.

Something else I want to focus on a lot, is film news. I used to do a ‘Film News Round-Up’ at the end of every week and the reason I use the phrase “used to’ is because nobody read them and honestly, they were terrible. Instead now, I’m going to give my opinion on film news on a daily basis and it will become what the majority of my site will be built on.

Don’t know if anyone cares about any of this but I felt I needed to write this for myself to fully motivate me and just in case anyone actually does care. I’m going to end this year strong and hopefully have a progressive and flourishing 2017!

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