As 2016 came to an end I struggled to find any time to write anything but now work and the holidays have calmed down, I’m back to blogging on a daily basis. To kick of 2017 let’s take a look at my top anticipated films coming out this year. Also I’d like to point out, only 2 of the films on my anticipated list last year made my top ten best films of 2016, so these aren’t necessarily the films I think will be the best in 2017, just the ones I can’t wait to see.


Alien: Covenant


Kicking off the list is the Alien prequel/Prometheus sequel? I love the first two Alien films, I enjoyed Prometheus, so how can I not be excited to see Alien: Covenant. I am slightly worried that Covenant won’t give us anything new because that first trailer released last week had a lot in it I’ve seen before but I can’t imagine a visionary like Ridley Scott would create something redundant. Also the cast is great, I can’t wait to see how they fit into the franchise and I may be the only one, but I want to see more of the Engineers!


John Wick: Chapter 2


If you had told me before I saw John Wick, that its sequel would be on my anticipated films list (especially when you consider what’s not on this list), I would have never believed you. But after seeing the greatness that was 2014s John Wick, I’m so pumped to see Keanu Reeves destroy some more bad guys. Now I’m well aware that films like John Wick don’t have a good track record when it comes to sequels but the world set up in the first film was perfect for expansion and if Chapter 2 is successful, I’d be open to even more films in this universe, even without John Wick himself. However with Keanu back, same directors, same writer, I’m dying to see how this turns out.   


Kong: Skull Island


You had me with Kong! I’ll watch anything that involves King Kong but then when you add the director of Kings of Summer and the cast he’s assembled, what’s not to love? From the trailer, this film looks beautiful, the posters are breathtaking and the more Brie Larson the better. The new and improved giant Kong might be the character I’m most excited to see on screen this year and the future ‘vs’ film with Godzilla blows my mind.


Thor: Ragnarok


So far for me the Thor films have been hit or miss and Thor himself is probably my least favorite of the main MCU heroes but I’ve always thought the potential of this series was huge. Guardians of the Galaxy a few years ago kinda stole Thor’s thunder (pun intended), by setting a MCU film entirely in space and they’re going to get the jump on him again this year but seeing Thor and Hulk on a road trip through space is the perfect scenario for the L’oreal using badass.

Thor – Natalie Portman + Cate Blanchett + Tessa Thompson + Sam Neill + Jeff Goldblum + Karl Urban = FUCK YEAH!


Wonder Woman


I’m gonna let you know now, Justice League is not on this list. I liked BvS, upon second viewing I disliked Suicide Squad a whole lot more than the first time and at this point with everything we hear coming out of DC, I’m really nervous about their future. However the Wonder Woman trailer looks awesome and the fact it’s separate from everything else going on in the DCEU, I think it’s going to be able to exist on its own, with a focused, precise story. I’m still unsure about Gal Gadot but as Wonder Woman she has shown me no reason to dislike her, so I’m hopeful.      


Spider-Man Homecoming


Unlike DC, the MCU has such a good track record that at this point a living planet played by Kurt Russell as a human’s father sounds like a good idea! Civil War last year was amazing and one of its most praised aspects was Spider-Man. Tom Holland is perfect in this role and the ‘John Hughes’ type film we were promised seems to be coming true. Watching Tony Stark and Peter Parker play off each other was a joy last year and seeing more this year, is fine with me.

And for those of you keeping count at home, Spider-Man – Dancing Peter Parker – Jamie Foxx/Electro/Mr Freeze/That stupid character Richard Pryor played in Superman 3 + Michael Keaton + Iron Man + Hannibal Buress = My Spidey senses are tingling




Quality wise the X-Men franchise has been all over the place. There have been good ones, great ones, some OK ones and some that make you want to Nightcrawler teleport yourself into a volcano. I was excited for Logan and then that trailer came out and had my eye’s watering like “Chewie we’re home”. This is going to be so emotional saying goodbye to Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman (probably) but at the same time we’re finally going to see Wolverine in all his R rated glory. Logan is going to be full of mixed emotions and I honestly think this is going to be the film to beat in 2017, when it come out in early March!


War for the Planet of the Apes


We get the big guy on a Skull Island, then in the Summer Caesar comes back to kick ass. This rebooted series has been one of the biggest surprises, as each film gets better and I become more invested in these apes killing all of mankind. If I had one worry, it would be that Woody Harrelson might be a one note villain with nothing more to him but after seeing how they dealt with Gary Oldman in the previous film, I think they know what they’re doing. Since Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I’ve wanted to see how the apes got to where they are in the original 1968 classic and we’re about to find out, in what is sure to be an action packed finale to an incredible story.  


Guardians of the Galaxy 2


I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a cinema and had as much fun as I had with Guardians of the Galaxy and as the trailer for GOTG 2 shows no sign of slowing down, I can’t help but be chomping at the bit for more from this crew. I don’t even know what the story is for this sequel or what’s going to happen but I know I’m going to laugh until my sides hurt and I’m going to see something that no other Marvel film gives me. Finally, Guardians of the Galaxy – Groot + Baby Groot = Greatest comic book villain ever?


Star Wars: Episode VIII


Star Wars: The Force Awakens (whatever you think about it) revitalised the galaxy far, far away and now it’s time to explore this universe like never before. Rian Johnson is brilliant mind and made the original Sci-Fi film Looper, so with him behind the camera, I have no worries for December this year that we will see a reinvented Star Wars. Plus the questions The Force Awakens left unanswered have been driving me and every other Star Wars fan crazy and I can’t wait any longer to put them to rest. Even if the next 5 Star Wars films suck, I’m always going to be looking forward to them and every year the new one will top my most anticipated list.


Honorable Mentions 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Beauty and the Beast

Justice League


The Mummy

If you’ve seen pretty much any other anticipated list over the last few days, then you’ve probably seen most, if not all the films I listed in someone else’s list somewhere and although I wanted to put some different films on the list, I wasn’t going to lie about what I’m excited for. So later today I’m going to put out another list of the ten films I’m looking forward to, that aren’t big blockbusters. So if you liked this list look out for that one later today.

Let me know, what films are you most anticipating in 2017?

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