Dredd (2012)

Director – Pete Travis

Stars – Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey and Wood Harris


I hate these situations, when a studio fails to market their film correctly, causing no one to see really good films. In 2012, Dredd was a massive surprise because the trailers were horrible but as it turns out, Dredd is an awesome film. It took risks, was simple, violent and a whole lot of fun. Was it similar to The Raid? Yes, but that doesn’t stop it from being good.

Casting Karl Urban and never showing his face, was a choice by the studio and Karl Urban that was brave but paid of when it comes to the quality of the film. Lena Headey as the villain was actually my favourite aspect of Dredd and if anything, you should watch this film for her savage performance. We’ll probably never get a sequel to Dredd but at least we got a heart-pounding, badass 90 minutes.

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