According to THR ‘Arrival’ producers are set to produce a new sci-fi film adapted from the 1973 short story ‘Inconstant Moon’, which will be directed by James Ponsoldt, who’s previous work includes, ‘The End of the Tour’, ‘The Spectacular Now’ and the upcoming Tom Hanks picture, ‘The Circle’.

‘Inconstant Moon’ is the story of Stan, a man who is on the verge of a breakup when he realises the moon is considerable larger the usual and that the world may be coming to an end that very night.

I’m excited for this film for a few reasons but most importantly, for James Ponsoldt. Admittedly, I haven’t seen his first two features but ‘The Spectacular Now’ and 2015’s ‘The End of the Tour’, are two films I love and they’re both criminally underrated. I can’t wait to see his new film ‘The Circle’, which looks really good but this new sci-fi film actually sounds like the perfect fit for Ponsoldt. I’m not expecting a big budget, action-packed, throwaway blockbuster but a very human story with the backdrop of the apocalypse. I can see ‘Inconstant Moon’ having some dark humour, that Ponsoldt can definitely pull off and the romance/relationship elements, have been a strong aspect of Ponsoldt’s previous work.  

Also ‘Arrival’ is great and I’m excited to see what the producers coming off that film are doing next and jumping back into the sci-fi genre can only be a good thing. THR also reported that writer Daniel Casey is writing the script, who previously did some un-credited work on last years ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’, another film I loved.

There’s no information on potential cast members or a release date but so far this film has a lot going for it and it’s one I’m eager to hear more about!

What do you think about this new project and the people currently involved?

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