I have been anticipating this film for over a year now, when The Book of Henry was originally scheduled for a 2016 release. Well, it’s finally being released this June and the first trailer dropped today, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz8R2xxeyaA.

The Book of Henry is a new film by director Colin Trevorrow, who previously directed one of the biggest film ever, Jurassic World. Although my opinion of Jurassic World, was it was lifeless and surprisingly dull for a film with giant dinosaurs, I have been dying to see Trevorrow’s new project because it appears to have the smaller, more personal quality that Trevorrow’s debut film Safety Not Guaranteed had. Now that I’ve seen the trailer, I’m not sure what to think.

Starting with the positives, this is a solid group of actors and they all seem to be doing solid work. I was happily surprised to see Dean Norris for the first time since Breaking Bad, he was going into that girl’s room to educated her about minerals, right? Jacob Tremblay floored me in Room and Naomi Watts is always great.

For the first half of this trailer (albeit a bit familiar) I was enjoying the quirky drama vibe it was giving, then it got super serious and super dark, then ridiculous. I’m not worried about how the film will turn out but the sudden switch in tone and plot was a little disjointed in the trailer. It went from, happy go lucky smart kid, to abusive step-dad next door and then Naomi Watts aiming a sniper rifle at her neighbour’s head! I hope this will play out better when you see the full story but in the trailer it felt like a huge jump from 0-100.

Naomi Watts

Also, especially for a first trailer, these 2 minutes showed too much for my liking. The Dean Norris character had some mystery to him but I’m confident I now know for sure he’s a bad guy, the title character disappears halfway through the trailer, leaving a book behind for his family to read, so I think we can probably do the maths and figure out what happens there.

Overall, I didn’t think this trailer was amazing but I’m still excited for The Book of Henry. I’m rooting for Trevorrow to get back on track, just so I can be 100% on board with Star Wars: Episode 9, and because I’d liked other films to be good too… I guess.  

What did you think of this first trailer for The Book of Henry?

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