I love these kind of days, when a whole shit ton of trailers and news comes out and this Planet of the Apes trailer was the best of the day. The first film in this new series was one of the biggest surprises I’ve had with a film and the second is one of my all time favourites, so I’m already invested. This trailer is jam-packed with action, emotion and just pure ape awesomeness, can it be July now?

Matt Reeves is returning to direct again and if you’ve been following ‘The Batman’ saga recently, you know he’s also taking the director’s chair for DC too. And right away what jumped out to me in this Apes trailer (just like in the previous one) Caesar looks like a badass old dude, a la Ben Affleck’s Batman. These emotional moments with Caesar are earned, powerful and when the trilogy is complete, it’s going to be impactful. I’d be shocked if Caesar makes it out of this film so I’m preparing for that now and you should too.

Going back to Matt Reeves, from what we’ve seen, he shot the hell out of this film. Action-wise, War for the Planet of the Apes is going to be excellent we already know that (that last shot of Caesar climbing after Woody gave me chills) but some of the other shots he composed were breathtaking. The apes riding on horses on the beach was a piece of art in itself.


As much as I love Caesar, we saw new apes in this new trailer that almost stole the show. The big traitor ape is a fascinating idea, that I want to see played out, Woody Harrelson as the military villain is cliche but Harrelson is an actor who can make the formula special and that little ape who wants to run, might just be the next Dobby.

Dobby ape

This was a perfect trailer. It showed a lot without showing too much, it got me excited for the action, I’m invested in the story and it got me emotionally, to the point of chills. I love this franchise and this new trailer did nothing but reinforce my excitement for July!

‘Apes. Together. Strong’


What did you think of the new War for the Planet of the Apes trailer?

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